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Let’s face it – how many of us have sat through “THAT team building event,” counting down the minutes that seemed like days, waiting to exit stage right and get out of there?

Don’t do that to your team!


If there’s a bottom line to any facet of training and development, organizations can either spend their money or invest it. Organizations participating in well-designed experiential learning programs with clear objectives have been very successful at getting a return on their training dollars through results-driven behavior, enhanced productivity and a sense of “team”.

Charity Team Building Objectives

  • Build on a sense of community for collaboration and a cohesive group.
  • Breakdown walls that may impede communication, as well as the seeking and sharing of information.
  • Experience opportunities for problem-solving.
  • Create awareness, understanding and drive at the applications for change including a “do different to do more” approach to training and service.
  • Seek and share information for enhanced success.
  • Create a stronger team connection; focus on organization goals, not just self-success.
  • Have fun and be successful!

Return on Investment!

The four-step model we use includes our proprietary Challenge-Activity-Debrief-Transfer.

The Challenge frames the activity in the form of a cognitive and physical task for the group to accomplish.

The Activity is the actual attempt at the group trying to accomplish its Goal. During the Activity, the group will experience many actions or behaviors that are seen during “a day in the life” within your organization. The dynamics of this group will surface.

After the Activity the group will be facilitated through a discussion about the elements of what took place:

What? Observations of the group and the activity.

So What? A close look at the correlations of the actions, behaviors and the relationship to the group and its business.

Now What? As a result of the immediate observations by the group, we will then make the Transfer back to how this is like your business world.

This Debrief session will be very powerful in creating the foundation for tracking individual and organization behavioral changes. Participants are taken through three significant stages of team development including awareness, understanding and striving for application.