Amazon Opens to the Door to Opportunity

This was a charity Bike-a-Thon we staged for a team of 30 women who work for Amazon. Like all of our clients, the Amazon management team came to us with a specific set of goals that they wanted the workshop to achieve. First and foremost, they wanted to commemorate International Women’s Day with a women’s only event. Toward this same goal, the team chose to donate the bicycles they assembled to The Children’s Health Council, a Palo Alto organization that provides an incredible array of support services for local children and their families. Additionally, they wanted us to help their staff improve in teamwork areas like communication, big-picture thinking, and creative problem-solving.

AmazonLearning and Fun With a Hardworking Team from Amazon

There was a great energy in the room from the start. The women came in ready to work hard, come together, and learn a new set of teamwork skills. The fact that they were working to donate as many bikes as possible to a great organization like the Children’s Health Council certainly didn’t hurt either. After opening things up a bit in the Amazon break room, we divided the group into several teams and got the workshop started without a hitch.

We started with warm-up activities and mini-games like Dice Bank, Cup Pyramid, and Group Writing. The warm-up activities and mini-games worked exactly as intended. They helped break the ice and loosen everyone up, but they also started the teaching process that’s so crucial to every Magnovo workshop. Powered by the team’s positive attitude, willingness, and passion, the warm-up games set the stage for a hugely successful event.

This momentum carried over into the parts earning phase as well, with the various teams’ obvious dedication making our job very easy. By the time we started assembling the bikes, everyone in the room knew they were making a difference.

A Charity Workshops Becomes a Win-Win Proposition

The team from Amazon was truly impressive, with each woman clearly going above and beyond to give back to their community. Our facilitators were impressed– but not surprised– as they coached the team through the final assembly phase. As with all of our charity workshops, everyone involved with this event came out a winner.

The Amazon folks got to celebrate International Women’s Day in a way that was truly meaningful to them. Most importantly, they also learned how teamwork could transform them into a group that was greater than the sum of its parts.