Anthem’s Bike-A-Thon Helps Employees and Local Kids in Columbus, OH

It was a typical winter’s day in Columbus, OH, when we met the folks from Anthem at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. Despite the cold weather, this was a warm and friendly group of top performers and company leaders. They were eager to learn new things and help the local non-profit they’d chosen.

anthemAnthem Kicks Off its Columbus, OH Convention

The company chose Magnovo to deliver a Bike-A-Thon™ charity team building workshop as part of its convention. The 90 people in attendance had completed several hours of professional development and training, and they were ready to do something different. After a couple of brief ice-breaker games, we arranged folks into teams and got ready to work.

A Fast-Paced and Fun Learning Opportunity

The first few games we played explored several common personality styles and the distinguishing characteristics of each. As we transitioned to more competitive games, we guided participants toward understanding how every person had something to contribute in the workplace. As teams progressed through the workshop, they earned bicycle parts for assembly. Teams then put their bikes together, challenged by a few extra obstacles we put in their way to reinforce teamwork and communication skills.

A Dozen Bikes for Action for Children

People were thrilled to see how many bikes they completed for Action for Children. When Jessica Brown, a representative of the charity arrived, she received some serious applause. People were really motivated to make a difference for local kids. They listened attentively as Ms. Brown spoke to the group about the work that Action for Children does. Families receive help navigating early childhood education and childcare. As many of the Anthem team members were parents themselves, they were very empathetic about the challenges faced by some families.

Not content to just assemble bicycles, the Anthem folks also helped pack up the bikes they put together and prepared them for delivery to the charity’s office. Our typical debriefing session had become more of a working session in this particular case, but it worked out well. Many folks reported a high level of  satisfaction with the experience. One person referred to it as “crazy, controlled chaos and a whole lot of fun.” The tips and strategies for stronger teamwork that we shared with the group really resonated with them. We are confident that the Anthem employees will return to work and initiate positive and long-term change.