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Team building: the cost/benefit analysis

Running a business is all about the bottom line. Ensuring that worker productivity figures are high is a large part of that, as a company’s workforce is its lifeblood. Supporting that workforce and ensuring they’re engaged is important, as it’s been proven that an engaged workforce is a productive one.

The Cost of Not Engaging in Team Building Activities

“Team building. What a load of hippie New Age nonsense, right? Trust falls, drum circles, mandatory ‘retreats’ – nobody ever learns anything at these events!” Sound familiar? You might have heard something similar from colleagues, partners, supervisors, or even coming out of your own mouth. While on some levels you might be correct – there […]

AccentCare Team Helps Soldiers’ Angels Get Wheelchairs to San Antonio Veterans

When AccentCare hosted a charity team building workshop as part of its day-long training program at the Embassy Suites Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, the organizers knew they wanted an event that would complement the work its employees were already doing. Most of the AccentCare health care workers in attendance assisted the elderly, many of […]