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Employee Appreciation: Workers Want is to Be Valued

When it comes to employee appreciation, Human Resources departments around the world try out countless strategies and employ innumerable tactics in order to figure out just what workers want the most. Countless time is spent investigating which benefits and programs are those that are best at keeping employees happy and productive, but there’s a secret […]

The Chemours Company’s Double-Barreled Workshop Generates Rescue Buddies for Local Kids

DiSC® Training in Wilmington, DE The Chemours Company hosted a meeting of its communication group. It included nearly 30 participants from around the world. These folks rarely got to work together in person, so the energy and enthusiasm levels were really high! The company has undergone some pretty significant changes over the past few years […]

Rescue Buddies Helps Oklahoma State University’s SHIELD Scholars Practice Teamwork While Helping Local Kids

The Rescue Buddies™ workshops we do with college students are some of the most fast-paced and dynamic programs we’re lucky enough to do. We met with about 25 grad students who were participants in the Oklahoma State University SHIELD Scholars program. The school earned a grant from Phillips 66. The funds were to be used […]