Avnet Inc. Empowers Youth in Phoenix, AZ Through Team Building Event

Avnet Inc. and the other participating companies may not share much in common when it comes to business. But their most recent team building activity to benefit New Pathways for Youth proved that they can accomplish more when they work together.

Uniting Community Leaders in Phoenix, AZ

While most team building events focus on achieving company goals, the team event hosted by Avnet Inc. and the Association of Continuity Planners benefitted the entire community.

The Central Arizona chapter of the Association of Continuity Planners (ACP) provides networking opportunities for area businesses and acts as a forum for exchanging ideas and information. Many of the ACP participants at the team building event work in situations where clear and precise communication is imperative (such as emergency response or disaster recovery), and the group was eager to build on these skills via the Bike-a-Thon charity event.

The communication and collaboration skills the team members learned during the event do more than benefit themselves. Because of the nature of their jobs, they can put these honed skills to work for the people they serve in the community. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving, and the entire group was more than ready to share it with others.

Avnet Inc Helps Invest in the Local Community

The group of about 35 participants selected the Bike-a-Thon for two key reasons: First, it requires a high level of teamwork and cooperation. And second, it allows them to give something back to New Pathways for Youth.

The group divided into smaller teams, each of which worked vigorously to complete their bicycle build. The task brought about a sense of friendly competitiveness, with each team hoping to be the first to finish the project.

Before the event closed, New Pathways for Youth’s Hannah Rakestraw graciously accepted the donation and voiced her appreciation for the group’s efforts. The non-profit organization is focused on helping every youth reach their fullest potential by providing them with educational opportunities, teaching life skills, and mentoring.

The bicycles will be enjoyed by the kids and youth they work with, but equally important, the things these leaders learned during the event will be put to good use throughout their communities for years to come.