Freed Maxick

A Big Group Becomes a Team When Freed Maxick Assembles Toys for Charity in Niagara Falls

This was a truly great workshop for everyone involved. We’d worked with the Freed Maxick team the year before during a Mission: Military Care project. This experience, along with the meetings we held with management before the actual event, taught our facilitators everything they needed to know to maximize the benefits of this year’s Rescue Buddy Workshop. This kind of client knowledge is always a key to our workshops’ success, but it’s even more important with a group as large as the 250 Freed Maxick people that came to the Niagara Falls Conference and Events Center this year.

Refocusing on the Big Picture

Freed MaxickEven in a corporate environment where everyone is dependent upon each other for individual and group success, it’s all too easy to develop tunnel vision and lose focus on the bigger picture. It can happen to anyone, whether it’s intentional or not, and it’s our job to help redirect our clients and get them thinking in more holistic terms. In other words, we remind each individual staffer how their work is connected to the work of the team as a whole.

We started working towards this goal the moment the Rescue Buddies Workshop began. After dividing the group into smaller teams, we used some customized warm-up activities to reinforce the importance of working together. Mini-games like Air Counting, Flip the Cup, and Dice Bank got everyone’s teamwork juices flowing and prepared them for the parts earning and assembly stages. We even threw in a little Freed Maxick trivia to firm up the idea that they were pursuing common goals.

The Freed Maxick Teams Comes Up Big

Everyone from Freed Maxick came into the workshop ready to learn and eager to give back to their respective communities. This made our facilitators’ job that much easier and let them focus on giving encouragement and instruction as the firm’s internal leadership progressively took things over.

It was very gratifying for us to see the progress the teams made firsthand. They sailed through the parts earning phase without much prodding, and the teams were really clicking by the time the toy assembly phase got started. Considering the obvious progress Freed Maxick made as the day wore on, the results were predictable.

Altogether, the teams assembled and donated 250 wonderful toys and donated them to seven different local charities. Just as importantly, the Freed Maxick recemented important bonds and learned teamwork skills that were sure to travel well.