Bike-A-Thon Benefits Houston Boys and Girls Club

Magnovo’s Bike-A-Thon™ was the centerpiece of a Turner and Townsend charity team building event. The company focused on communication, teamwork, and networking during a day-long series of meetings and programs. This was a nice break for folks to change gears, be active, and do something fun and worthwhile for the community.

The Set-Up in Houston

We met with the Turner and Townsend staff at the company offices. This allowed us to organize the event in between other company meetings, for smooth transitions. The site had a large meeting room that we used for the Bike-A-Thon™. This gave us room to divide the 30 attendees into six teams, and for each team to work comfortably in that space.

We gave each team a bicycle frame, and then issued a series of games and activities where teams competed for the remainder of the parts they needed for assembly. These games emphasized teamwork, effective communication, and networking among groups. People had a great time while also developing key workplace skills. This event wasn’t just about having fun. It was about honing practical strategies for workplace success.

Bike-A-Thon™’s a Big Win for Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston Kids

The Turner and Townsend teams met their goal of two bicycles each! There were a lot of high-fives and back-slapping as people congratulated each other on jobs well done. When Marc Alvarez of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Houston showed up at the end of the workshop, he was impressed! The team captains formally presented the bikes to Mr. Alvarez. He made several remarks thanking the group for its generosity and effort. He also had a surprise for the group. Several children from the Boys and Girls Club joined Mr. Alvarez in accepting the bicycles. Everyone cheered for these kids, who looked delighted with their new bicycles! It’s a very special thing to meet the kids for whom you’ve just spent two hours building a bicycle for.

A Productive Afternoon

Helping kids is a powerful motivator, and the teams from Turner and Townsend took their role seriously, while still having a good time. As we held a brief wrap-up session, there was a lot of talk about how rewarding the program was. People also spoke intensely about how much they learned over the course of the afternoon. Employees came away from the program with concrete tips and strategies for more effective and productive workplace relationships.