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Blue Star Families’ Bike-A-Thon Gets All-Star Help from L.A. Clippers

A special partnership between the Blue Star Families and the L.A. Clippers helps local military families with new bikes for their kids.

blue star familiesBlue Star Families Turn the Tables

Most of the time, Blue Star Families are the recipients of Bike-A-Thon™ donations. We’ve often worked with them to support the families of America’s active service men and women. This time, though, it was the Blue Star Families organization directly that we worked with. The group was thrilled to be able to take the lead in helping local military families directly in this way. By the end of the program, the Blue Star Families and their guests completed 20 new bicycles!

Practicing Teamwork with the Pros in Playa Vista, CA

The L.A. Clippers graciously invited us to use their training facility for the program. As a surprise to the families, several of the players, the cheerleaders, and the team mascot joined us, too! Everyone had a great time with the team building games through which teams earned the bicycle parts necessary for assembly. The kids had a great time trying to get the better of the adults, especially the pro basketball players! The team building elements were especially appreciated by the families; everyone could use a reminder sometimes that they are an essential part of the group.

It was an amazing thing to see Blue Star Families and their guests receive such support and encouragement from the Clippers organization and the players and cheerleaders in particular. The Clippers even arranged for their team announcer to emcee the workshop! The kids had such a great time, and the adults enjoyed the challenging obstacles and games that pushed them to learn something new, too.

Saving the Best for Last

Instead of the donation ceremony that concludes a typical Bike-A-Thon™, we arranged with the emcee to announce to the kids that each of them would get to take home the bicycle they built. The looks of surprise and joy were uplifting and heart-warming, to say the least. To say there was barely a dry eye in the place was not an understatement. And then the president of Magnovo, Rob Jackson, gifted each child with a new helmet and bike lock. There was no stopping them after that! These kids literally rode their bikes out of the Clippers training facility to thunderous rounds of applause. It was an absolutely unforgettable event that everyone – from the Blue Star Families to members of the Clippers organization – felt grateful to be a part of.

When asked about the event he facilitated afterward, Jackson said, “Of the hundreds of workshops that Magnovo’s done over the years, this one ranks as one of the most memorable. Our partnership with Blue Star Families and several professional sports teams in NBA and MLB has and will make a lasting impact on the communities that it is involved in.”