Brinks’ Annual Meeting Helps Employees and Fort Worth-Area Vets

Brinks, as a company, has demonstrated a strong commitment to hiring veterans. Organizers of their annual team meeting in Fort Worth, TX, wanted to continue that commitment through Magnovo’s Wheel Charity™ program.

Brinks Boosts Communication Skills

brinksAs part of the meeting, the operations team and the tech team met to improve their interdepartmental communication skills. Each of these departments had similar goals and objectives. However, their methods and work processes needed to be in better alignment. With Magnovo’s Wheel Charity™ program, we helped participants pick up new strategies and techniques for more effective communication.

We met with 55 participants in Fort Worth, TX. Even though sometimes Magnovo holds charity team building events at clients’ offices, this time, we met the Brinks employees at Marriott Champion Circle. The ballroom that we booked was the ideal space. Everyone had room to spread out and work comfortably.
Wheel Charity™ for HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation

The Wheel Charity™ event that Magnovo organized for Brinks was to benefit the HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation. This non-profit organization worked hard to support wounded American veterans and their families. Brinks’ employees were avidly engaged in the program, and really enthusiastic about participating.

Positive Change Through Play

The first thing we did was set up the teams. The folks from Brinks pre-arranged their teams so that we could get started quickly. We issued each team an incomplete set of wheelchair parts and tools. Teams then competed for the remaining parts and tools through specially-planned games and activities.

Each game the teams played required teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. The folks from Brinks took every challenge in stride. Teams completed wheelchairs in record time. One final challenge, an obstacle course, gave folks a first-hand look at the importance of a wheelchair for someone with mobility issues, like the wounded veterans helped by the HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation.

Delivering Hope in Fort Worth, TX

Dana Bowman, a representative of HALO for Freedom Warrior Foundation, arrived at the conclusion of the Wheel Charity™ program. Bowman spoke to the group briefly about the impact of these donated wheelchairs on their veterans. There weren’t too many dry eyes in the ballroom at that point. During our debriefing session, participants said that handing off the wheelchairs was the most memorable part of their day, and that building relationships with coworkers through this shared experience would positively affect their workplace.