Build a Cohesive Team with Team Building Games Indoors

Build a Cohesive Team with Team Building Games Indoors

When you are working with or building a charity team, one way to improve the cohesiveness of the team is to use team building games indoors at different intervals. The team building games can take a variety of forms and cover a number of issues and elements in regards to team building. Following are some ideas for indoor team building activities.

Your Life and Mine

This team building game gives your team members a chance to learn about each other’s backgrounds in a fun and relaxing setting, and all you really need is a deck of cards – and only the face cards. The Joker represents childhood, the Jack is the teen years, the King is young adulthood, and the Queen is the present time. Each team member draws a card and tells the team a story about that period in his or her life. This opens up the dialogue between team members and helps them to discover common interests.

Build a Cohesive Team with Team Building Games IndoorsDo You Remember That?

This game is a good tool to use after your team has attended a training event. Divide your team into smaller teams, and give each team 10 minutes to write down as many tools or facts that they recall from the training. Have one person from each of the smaller teams read the list, giving the team points for each thing they remember about the training. Give the other teams an opportunity to challenge any point. This exercise will give the instructor an idea of what the group thought was most important and what they most retained.

Who Are You, Really?

This is a simple game that gives team members an opportunity to learn things about each other. All you need for this game is paper and writing utensils. Give the group a variety of characteristics and tell the team members to find people who have characteristics that are different from their own, such as gender, marital status, height. This gives members a chance to learn things about each other, provides an opportunity for conversation, and can alleviate preconceptions.

Keep the Airline Afloat

 At times, particularly after a difficult or busy day, you need to find an easy way to energize your time members. Break your team down into two teams and have them go to opposite sides of the room. Instruct each team member to make a paper airplane, and when everyone has a plane, have them all launch their airplanes to the other side of the room at the same time, with the goal being to not let any planes land or crash to the floor. This is a light and fun game that will provide release.

Use Team Building Games Indoors as Downtime

This is just a small sample of the way you can use team building games indoors to give your team a break, help them get to know each other better, provide a bit of fun and release, and keep them motivated and eager to move their team forward. Every team deserves a little fun.