Build a Team and Help a Child

Build a Team and Help a Child

Want to build a team that will make a difference in the success of your company? Great! Here’s how: just pull together and make a difference in a child’s life on the first day of school. Why? Because when that bell rings and the school doors open, instead of being filled with excitement, lots of kids will be filled with embarrassment and shame.

For thousands of kids in your own community, the first day of school marks the beginning of another school year full of peer pressure, humiliation, and ostracism because they won’t have the most basic supplies every student needs. Never mind the designer jeans or the latest digital gadgetry. Imagine something as simple as a backpack or a notebook standing between you and acceptance from your peers. Ridiculous! Nobody should suffer that kind of stress, but lots of children do.

Build a Team and Help a ChildThink back to your time in school. Remember how cruel kids could be? Remember your desperation to fit in? Now magnify that a few times–because peer pressure is much more intense nowadays–and you’ll have an idea how some of these students will feel.

School supplies aren’t merely things. They’re the vehicles by which students navigate through their lessons. If a child lacks the supplies he needs, he may feel he lacks the ability to perform or learn in class. A lack of supplies can shape a child’s self-esteem, and help mold him into a failure instead of a success.

The kindness and acceptance kids yearn for is often denied them because of “trivial” stuff like not having pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, binders and rulers. Little things to most of us –so little, we scarcely give them any thought. That’s because most of us have access to all of the tools and supplies we need. For these children, as well as their embarrassed parents, this is a heartbreak they feel every day.

You and your colleagues can bridge the social gap, remove the stigma, and mend some broken hearts. Build a team focused on filling some of these needs for a few children in your city. Mission: Kids Care is ready to partner with you and your company in procuring, assembling and distributing these desperately needed school supplies to children for whom they’ll make a world of difference.

With Mission: Kids Care, the key word is care! Children need to feel cared for in order for them to care about excelling at school. If you build a team designed to care and then demonstrate that care, you’ll set a child up for success.