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Teachers and Administrators from Sunstone Montessori are Schooled on Teamwork

A very responsive group of teachers and administrators adopt a renewed focus on teamwork. That helped them find a way to break up cliques and become more cohesive. 

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Team Building Thursdays: John D. Rockefeller

Good leadership consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people.

~John D. Rockefeller

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Stryker Engineers & Leaders Show Surprising Creativity in Wagon Builders™

Say what you want about engineers, but they can be some of the most creative people we know. Creativity and engineering CAN go together. That’s what we discovered this summer when Stryker engineers and leaders got together for a Wagon Builders™ workshop with us. 

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Wells Fargo Sends Care Packages to Soldiers in Iraq

To help support soldiers stationed in Iraq, Wells Fargo chose the Mission: Military Care workshop. Turns out it was a highly appropriate choice for several reasons!

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Ballpark Fun Makes for an Awesome Team Building Event for Ryan Homes

A group from Ryan Homes gathered for a charity team building workshop in Pittsburgh, PA with us this summer. Probably everyone who attended would agree that it’s one for the history books, on all accounts.

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On Veterans Day Give Back To Those Who Give So Much For Us!

This Veteran’s day find ways you and your team can give back to our military.
Mission: Military Care steps up to serve our military service men and women, while delivering a finely tuned workshop that teaches us all about courage and innovation.

What is the Mission: Military Care Workshop All About?

In a small way, this workshop builds on the same features which give strength to our military: courage, focus and teamwork. With those three elements, there’s a way around any obstacle, and any mission can end in success. In Mission: Military Care, our expert team of facilitators present your team with a progressive series of challenging activities which draw upon their ability to work together toward a common goal. These challenges are much like what are found in the workplace, so are easily transferable to the office once everyone is back at their desks.

One benefit of Mission: Military Care is that teams will learn to sift through lots of useless information to find what they’re looking for…that’s the focus portion of the lesson. It’s about how to identify what’s important in order to make effective decisions, something we all find challenging when there’s “data clutter” all around us.


Nothing personifies the ideals of team spirit like the men and women in the United States military. There are some 150,000 active duty military personnel currently serving in more than 150 countries around the world.

That’s 150,000 lives being put on the line every day; 150,000 husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters battling homesickness and loneliness along with the enemies against whom they protect us all.

Whatever their political beliefs or other convictions, they’ve laid all of that aside to serve their country. Service and sacrifice are at the core of true team spirit. You and your colleagues can follow this example and show your gratitude to these soldiers by making the upcoming holiday a little brighter by delivering a little bit of home to them. Learn More

Thank You Mission: Military Care!

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Team Building Thursdays: Change Your Strategy

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.


Charity Team Building for a Cause – Why Giving Spells Success

Setting Team Building Goals

When you begin to build a team, your first consideration should be setting team building goals.

Pulling a team together is a definite process that takes time and will cover a number of different stages.
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Charity Team Building Qualities

When you are trying to organize and launch a team, you should focus on particular team building qualities to ensure that your team works together to propel the team forward.

Qualities that should be at the forefront of your team building strategy are the ability to plan, brainstorm, resolve issues, solve problems, and spur dedication.
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Soldiering On To Create Team Building Unity

Soldiering On To Create Team Building Unity

Team building unity pays off. It can meet deadlines and quotas, boost revenue and even save lives. From the playing field to the battlefield, teamwork is the foundation of success and the key building block for strong relationships among players and comrades.

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