The Importance of Teambuilding to Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one company where the importance of teambuilding is as clear as a blue sky. They started out as  a small crop dusting operation. Now Delta commands more than 15,000 flights every day and serves 180million passengers each year. They couldn’t stay aloft without a strong team.

A vital part of that team involves cargo management. In 2017, Delta’s cargo ton miles came to 2.15 billion. Yes, ton miles is a real thing. To be precise, it’s the tons of cargo they transported last year multiplied by the miles they covered.

Delta Air Lines – ACS/Cargo Learning asked Magnovo to facilitate a charitable workshop as part of their training and teambuilding. Nothing can bond a staff like pets. Our Happy Tails Charitable Teambuilding Workshop was just the ticket.

Happy Tails fills the gap between love and commitment for prospective pet owners. First time pet parents may spend more than $1,000 the first year and $500 every year after. Buying a pet from a shelter can run as high as $250, and initial veterinary bills can add additional strain. These costs can put pet ownership out of financial reach for a lot of people. Our pet care donations make it easier for families to open their hearts if they’re reluctant to open their wallets.

The benefits of giving back

We met 50 Delta staffers at Atlanta’s Crowne Plaza Hotel and divided them into small groups. Our facilitator read the group well and tailored the workshop accordingly. He kept the energy level up and reinforced the importance of teambuilding at every step.

Divided into small groups, each team competed in a series of high energy activities. Success earned the teams the pooch presents and kitty cache for their Happy Tails pet care packages. Dog collars, chew toys, blankets, food and water bowls, leashes, and pillows. Each item brought a homeless pet closer to his forever home.

The benefits of pet parenting

Pet ownership is good medicine. Pets can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They can fill an emotional void and relieve depression. Pet therapy can even help reduce chronic pain.

The recipient of the pet care packages was Best Friends Animal Society. They gladly received each one and appreciated what they would mean to a lot of orphan animals.

The Delta team enjoyed the whole experience because it created such a high engagement level for each of them. Overall, feedback after our Happy Tails Workshop was full of happy tales of camaraderie.





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