Leadership Teambuilding with GE Healthcare

Leadership teambuilding made 100-year-old GE Healthcare the industry giant that it is today. We worked with them recently on one of our most impactful charitable workshops. What an honor!

For most Baby Boomers, GE [also known as General Electric] was a household name. It meant television and other must-have electronic products. Today they are also a household name in the medical industry. GE Healthcare is a leader in medical imaging, monitoring, biomanufacturing, and cell and gene therapy technologies.

By the numbers: GE Healthcare is a $19 billion healthcare conglomerate with 50,000 employees. Every day more than 17,000  babies are born with the help of GE equipment. And every day, doctors save the lives of 3,000 patients by using GE technology.

Leadership teambuilding through charity

Each year Magnovo partners with companies like GE Healthcare to make life easier for the disabled. In the first half of 2018, our WheelCharity Teambuilding Workshop participants gifted 143 wheelchairs to disabled veterans and senior citizens across the country and beyond.

Charitable workshops are the core of our business model. Leadership teambuilding based on corporate social responsibility is what Magnovo is all about.

We met 20 GE Healthcare managers at their corporate office in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Improving the customer experience was the focus of the leadership teambuilding training. So the wheelchair assembly gave them the chance to practice what we’d discussed earlier about communicating and collaborating.

And during a series of high energy activities, the team members earned some of the components for the assembly. They were especially stoked by the news that their wheelchairs would benefit local disabled veterans.

Millions of American veterans are lonely, isolated, and depressed because they can’t move around on their own. Freedom, independence, and self-respect. The wheelchairs constructed during our WheelCharity workshops are always major game changers.

Leadership teambuilding that makes a difference

The GE Healthcare managers got it and ran with it! The idea that their efforts could make such a tremendous difference to soldiers in their own hometown was overwhelming to each one.

They attached heartwarming cards filled with uplifting and encouraging messages to each wheelchair. And at the end of the day, they were proudly handed over to Independence First, a major resource for the disabled in the Milwaukee metropolitan region.

People who are disabled themselves actually run this wonderful charity. So they understand what their clients are dealing with and provide products, living services, education, advocacy, and support.

They were as grateful to receive the wheelchairs as we all were to provide them. GE Healthcare and Magnovo–we’re a winning team.






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