CWT Meetings & Events

CWT Meetings & Events Gets to Sit Back While Magnovo Does all the Planning

The hard-working folks at Minneapolis-based CWT Meetings & Events had the tables turned this winter.  For once they weren’t the ones doing all the planning!  Magnovo hosted a Rescue Buddies™ Charity Workshop for the global company, which called upon us to help them give back and build teamwork skills.
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21st Century Oncology

21st Oncology Gives it Their All for Local Kids in Fort Myers, FL

This was a Rescue Buddies Workshop we staged for a group from 21st Century Oncology in Fort Myers, FL. The setting was the Pink Shell Hotel when 40 staff members used a few new teamwork tricks to assemble stuffed animals for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to distribute to local children under distress. Fueled by a willingness to learn as well as a desire to give back to the community, the teams worked hard all day to practice big picture thinking and develop their leadership skills.

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AbbVie Builds Little Red Wagons for Local Families in Need

Even when you’re as big a company as AbbVie, there’s still room to focus on local issues right in your own backyard.  We’ve had the pleasure of supporting AbbVie in the past, with their corporate social responsibility programs that help out the community of North Chicago, where they’re based.
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Biogen Benefits the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City

What do you get when you take a national sales meeting and cross it with a team building workshop?  The perfect balance of work, charitable giving, and skills development!
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Allianz Life

Allianz Life Gives Bicycles…and Much, Much More

Allianz Life is a life insurance company focusing on annuities and life insurance for retirement.  Based out of Minneapolis, they’re highly successful at what they do.  Part of what they do is give back in lots of different ways!
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Comcast: Always Improving Communications, Builds Bikes Too

Earlier this year we did a Bike-A-Thon™ with Comcast in Denver, Colorado.  The fun part was, both companies are all about communications but in totally different ways!

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kaiser permanente

Kaiser Permanente Makes Good on Their Mission of Helping Others

Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest providers of health care plans, has a mission which covers helping others.  Part of that mission this Spring was to better understand those with disabilities.
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Wells Enterprises

There Goes Wells Enterprises, Spreading Joy Again

For a company that makes ice cream, like Wells Enterprises, a mission statement that includes spreading joy seems right in line with what they do. They’ve got joy locked down, since even their workshop was about spreading joy! Read more