Cherry Bekaert’s Rescue Buddies Program Helps Orlando-Area Children

It’s one thing for prospective interns to complete an application where they can outline their skills and talents. It’s fully another to put those skills and talents into action. These college seniors participated in a student conference that doubled as an internship try-out for Cherry Bekaert, capped by Magnovo’s Rescue Buddies™ charity team building workshop.

Cherry Bekaert Invites College Students to Show Off in Orlando, FL

Top CPA firm Cherry Bekaert hosted nearly 100 students, along with about 35 staff members, for one fun-filled weekend in Orlando, FL. This was a big change for the company. In previous years, it held several smaller, regional events. This year, students from nine universities attended a special student weekend. It was characterized by scavenger hunts, breakout sessions, and social outings where attendees interacted and networked.

We organized a Rescue Buddies™ charity team building workshop on the last day. By this point in the weekend, most of these folks had gotten to know each other relatively well. Everyone was pretty well-at-ease.

After a few ice-breaker games, we gave everyone 15 minutes to divide up into teams of seven; each team included at least one Cherry Bekaert employee. We explained that each team’s purpose was to assemble as many stuffed animals as they could for the children served by Heart of Florida United Way. To make it a little more challenging, teams would be competing for parts. Every one of the games, activities, and obstacles we threw their way highlighted and strengthened key interpersonal skills. Examples include problem solving, conflict resolution, and communication.

College Students Step It Up for Heart of Florida United Way

This was a high-energy group whose audible enthusiasm for the project filled the room! By the end of the workshop, we had dozens of Rescue Buddies™ ready for donation. Those teams that finished up first took the time to write a few notes of support for the kids who’d be receiving these stuffed animals.

Leland Rubin, a representative of Heart of Florida United Way, arrived at the end of the workshop to pick up the donated Rescue Buddies™. He had quite a few powerful stories to share about the families and kids this non-profit organization helped. Many of the participants had questions for him, and there was some very emotional dialogue that took place. These young adults even cried at little, based what they heard. So too, were the Cherry Bekaert staff who joined them that afternoon.