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Cincinnati Charity Gets Boost from P&G’s WheelCharity Event

The organizers of the P&G training session wanted to offer participants something fun to round out the 2-day event, and also provide a chance to give back to the community. After all, the group assembled at Anderson Hall worked the personal care products line – people were their business! And so Magnovo worked closely with the company to offer a highly customized WheelCharity™ team building workshop. It was a well-received surprise to the attendees!

Taking a Team from Good to Great in Cincinnati, OH

Procter Gamble CoMake no mistake, this group already functioned like a well-oiled machine. They spent two days on-task, coming up with ways to increase sales and improve relationships with their customers. As a reward, the event organizers surprised everyone with this fun and engaging workshop.

It was a gorgeous day in Cincinnati. The warm weather, combined with the view of the river from Anderson Hall, had everyone feeling pretty lighthearted. An afternoon of games and challenges sounded like fun, and learning that their work would help area folks in need of new wheelchairs was a powerful motivator. And wow, were they motivated! Debbie from the Center for Independent Living was amazed at how many wheelchairs the group completed for her charity that afternoon.

WheelCharity™ for the Center for Independent Living

From the beginning, when we sorted the 85 participants into teams, and through the numerous challenges and tasks we set before them, people enthusiastically met their challenges. Teammates cheered each other on, worked together to resolve problems, and trusted each others’ abilities. They truly embodied the spirit of teamwork. Popular games included Flip Cup and Say What I Say. Not only were they fun, but practical; the strategies and methods folks used to win are the same skills that allow teams to stand out at work.

Our final task for the group was an obstacle course using the wheelchairs they completed. It was an eye-opening experience for many people, navigating simple tasks using a wheelchair, and encouraged a deeper level of understanding and respect for the clients of the Center for Independent Living.

P&G and Positive Change

Debbie made a few remarks to the group, thanking them for their hard work and the wheelchairs they donated. She received several rounds of thunderous applause. While Magnovo delivered on the WheelCharity™ team building event, it was the team from P&G who truly came through for the Center for Independent Living, and the people they serve.