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The Clif Bar Company Returns to Their Roots with Bike-A-Thon in Indianapolis, IN

No matter what kind of Team Building Workshop we stage for a client, they’re always designed to address a set of specific and concrete goals that the company wants to achieve. The Clif Bar company made this easy for us in a number of ways. First, they knew exactly how things stood with their management team and what they needed to reach the next level. Second, because bicycles played a big part in the company’s early history, they knew that a Bike-a-Thon was the perfect way to inaugurate some new managers into the team-oriented Clif Bar philosophy. Not surprisingly, the results were fantastic.

We Brought Our Charity Bike-A-Thon Right to Clif Bar’s Front Door

clif barSometimes, we hold our workshops in local hotels, but this time we brought it right to the Clif Bar facility on the West Side of Indianapolis. It was a perfect opportunity for the team members to learn in a familiar setting.

Clif Bar had a very precise set of goals coming into the workshop, which made things much easier on us during the planning stage. Because so many of the managers were new to the facility and one another, we designed the workshop to help them build unity and start to take true ownership of the roles they play in the company.

It didn’t take long before all these goals were accomplished. After just a few hours under Magnovo’s guidance, the new management team communicated and settled into their roles like they’d worked together for years. It was a satisfying experience for everyone involved.

The Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls Club Got a Shot in the Arm With a Pile of Fantastic New Bikes

The upper management type at Clif Bar knew exactly what their team needed and where the proceeds should go. Their choice of the Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls Club turned out to be perfect. It benefited the client and the organization both, which is always the goal of this kind of workshop.

This is how Magnovo’s Charity Workshops accomplish many things at once. Although the client’s needs always come first, when a team works together for something bigger than its members, something magical happens. In this case, it was a true transformation. The Clif Bar folks were already great individually, but bringing hope and joy to deserving children created bonds between them that will never fade.