Corporate Team Bonding Kaiser Permanente Style

Our client, Kaiser Permanente, is the poster child for corporate team bonding.  Notice the cluster of people in the logo? That’s not just for branding. It represents their dedication to their 12 million clients and to be a good corporate neighbor.

Corporate team bonding is the glue that makes authentic team building possible. Why? It’s easier for people to function as a team when they connect on a personal level. The business model of Kaiser Permanente is based on this ideal. This made the Bike-a-thon™ Workshop we facilitated for them a pleasure and an honor.

Established 60 years ago, they’re one of the largest not-for-profit health plans in the country. Their mission statement says, “….health isn’t an industry. It’s a cause.” It’s one thing to see a slogan on a website. It’s amazing to see it in action.

And you see it everywhere they serve. Their Community Health Needs Assessment Program helps them better understand and serve the needs of their patients. The Total Community Health initiative broadens the reach of their membership. Providing technological support. Operating full-service community clinics. Developing green spaces. Their commitment to being a good corporate neighbor is expansive.

Corporate team bonding through bike building

Our most recent assignment was the fourth one we’ve hosted for them and as always it was phenomenal. We arrived at the Oakland California headquarters to work with a group of new hires. The newbies were 15 Millennials – many of whom held PhDs in engineering or other advanced technological fields.

The Kaiser Permanente managers wanted Magnovo to undergird their training program. We focused on 3 areas:

  1. How they could take charge of their careers;
  2. How they could build influence; and
  3. How they could excel at the company.

The training sessions were pretty intense. Fortunately, their batteries were recharged by the grand finale, our bike charity teambuilding workshop. Everyone had a great time building the bikes, but the company had an additional agenda. The managers wanted them to start their careers understanding how important community service is.

Corporate team bonding at this firm is all about volunteering and giving back. Communication and collaboration were the highlights of the workshop. It was no surprise that these young geniuses excelled at problem-solving and strategizing.

Charity pays off

The recipient of the 4 bikes was an agency we’ve had the pleasure of working with before. The Seneca Family of Agencies provides an invaluable service in the community by helping families through the most difficult times of their lives.

They are often a family’s last hope for unconditional care. The Seneca Family of Agencies makes and keep a remarkable promise: to offer support at every step along their journey. No matter what they’re going through and no matter how long it takes.

They work with schools, social service organizations, government agencies and other service providers to guarantee that none of their families fall through the cracks at any point.

As always, it was great working with Ms. Harben Porter, their Assistant Director of Development for the Bay Area. She earnestly appreciated all the time and care the  Millennial staffers invested in each bicycle. Her clients’ needs are tremendous and her gratitude was genuinely heartfelt.

This was vitally important to Kaiser Permanente. They wanted to make sure that their donations reached people who were truly in need. Corporate team bonding and social responsibility are permanent fixtures at Kaiser Permanente.