A DiSC Personality Workshop Helps the Genoa Healthcare Team Overcome the Difficulties of Geographic Distance

The Embassy Suites at the Seattle Airport was the perfect setting when Magnovo staged a DiSC Personality Discovery Workshop for a team from Genoa Healthcare. Nine members of the Genoa team were in attendance, with representatives from offices in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Seattle. The workshop went very well, with staff members and management alike gaining insights about themselves and one another that would help them work more efficiently once they returned to their respective offices.

The Genoa Healthcare Team Learns How to Mesh Their Talents

Generally speaking, A DiSC Personality Discovery Workshop serves to help people to understand the psychological makeup of themselves and their co-workers. Driven by the idea that this level of understanding is crucial to success in today’s workplace, DiSC assessments help employees avoid unnecessary conflicts and mesh their individual talents into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

The wide geographic range of the offices where the participants worked was one of the reasons Genoa thought their staff would benefit from one of our DiSC Personality Workshops in the first place. Good communication skills are always crucial to a positive work culture, but it can be difficult to develop them when everyone is so spread out.

In addition to improved inter-office communication, Genoa also wanted us to help their team avoid interpersonal conflicts and learn how to perform their work in ways that were mutually supportive. This is exactly what we tried to accomplish. After having each staffer fill out the assessment, we informed them which personality designation best suited them. We then took them through a series of activities that were designed to let them put what they’d learned into action.

Different Personalities Emerge With Mutual Understanding

On this occasion, bringing these nine people and their disparate personalities together allowed them to deal with one another face to face, instead of maintaining the psychological distance that defines most of their interactions. This led to a greater sense of togetherness and camaraderie that would not have been possible without participating in the workshop and exploring the dynamic of their interactions.

All in all, this was a satisfying workshop for everyone involved. There was a great deal of laughter and fun, as well as a number of profound lessons that the Genoa staff could carry with them back to their offices.