A DiSC Personality Workshop Helps the Kellogg Company Improve on Leadership and Collaboration

This was the second part of a DiSC Personality Workshop we staged for the Kellogg Company at the Food Dance Restaurant in Kalamazoo, MI. And just like part one, this was an event that produced great results. It was very gratifying to watch the individuals of the Kellogg Company team develop a deeper understanding of themselves and how their personalities can mesh with their co-workers’ in a more productive way. This is why we stage these workshops in the first place– to improve interpersonal relationships and make companies more efficient.

KelloggThe Kellogg Company Team Learns The Value of Distinct Personalities

The first part of the workshop was dedicated to learning more about the eight different personality types, with an emphasis on their respective strengths and weaknesses. A wide variety of personalities are present in every workplace; a deeper understanding of what each has to offer helped the Kellogg team members begin to appreciate these differences instead of struggling against them.

Our facilitators used the next stage of the workshop to apply the personality principles the Kellogg team had just learned to handle a number of situations that commonly arise in the corporate workplace. We have always found these exercises to be very beneficial to our clients over the long-term, largely because they help put personality principles into practice.

Enough Satisfaction to Go Around

The workshop ended with discussions of important workplace issues like coping with coworker opposition, adaptable techniques for conflict resolution, and working to build a consensus. The purpose of these discussions was to help the individual team members apply a personality style perspective to a broad range of problems. The participation of the individual team members impressed our facilitators greatly.

Most importantly, the participants were satisfied with the results as well. There were a lot of positive comments after the workshop was finished, with one participant saying that ‘this will help me the next time I have to give a presentation to an audience of all personality types. I will be able to better prepare content.’

We couldn’t say it any better ourselves. A comment like this encapsulates an important truth about workplace communication and what our DiSC Workshops are designed to teach. Our facilitators had already seen definite progress as the day wore on, but it was when they heard this remark that they knew they’d made a real difference.