Fortive Has Fun with WheelCharity That Sends Kids with Muscular Dystrophy to Summer Camp

Fortive’s Everett, WA, offices were the site of a day-long series of meetings that ended with WheelCharity™, a team building event where wheelchairs were assembled and donated to a local chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

FortiveA Productive Day in Everett, WA

You’d think that after a full day of meetings, everyone’s energy level would be down, but not so with this group! We saw a level of enthusiasm that easily matched any group we’ve ever seen bright and early in the morning. The 90 employees who joined us were a good-natured group who looked forward to a little friendly competition. We upped the motivation factor by announcing that their wheelchair-building sprint would help local kids attend summer camp. From then on, it was game on!

Fortive’s WheelCharity™ Success

Teams had already been arranged by program organizers, so after a few quick ice breakers, we started issuing challenges and obstacles. Each team competed for the parts they’d need to complete a wheelchair, and then we also threw a few wrenches into the assembly process! Teams took it all in stride. They worked together, demonstrating communication, delegation, conflict resolution, and of course, team building.

This was the second time we ran a WheelCharity™ program for Fortive. This group was even more successful than the last one. A handful of participants were repeat attendees. They remarked at how different the program was this time, and how much they were enjoying it all over again. With the few minutes we had to spare at the end, we encouraged everyone to add a few handwritten notes to each chair. These cards wished kids well during their summer camp experience.

Helping the MDA Help Area Children

Wayne Johnson, a representative of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, arrived to accept delivery of the wheelchairs. He spoke movingly of these kids, and how much attending summer camp meant to them. For many, having one of these wheelchairs would be the difference in going or not going; truly, there was barely a dry eye in the room. Johnson also spoke of how much the MDA was able to accomplish with the generous monetary donations the organization received, such as the one that came from Fortive.

Our debriefing session was just as energetic as the rest of the workshop. Participants’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Both our team and the Fortive team are hopeful that we’ll do it again next year.