Crowe Horwath

Wagon Builders Lets Interns Help Bronx Kids Through Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club

This Wagon Builders™ program was the first of two workshops that Crowe Horwath hosted for its interns.

Crowe Horwath’s Wagon Builders™

Crowe HaworthThe first cohort invited to this Wagon Builders™ program included 25 people. We also had Crowe staff working alongside the five teams of five as they played games and challenges. The winning teams earned the parts necessary for building wagons, which the participants then filled with children’s toys. Wagon Builders™ is characterized by an emphasis on soft skills like creativity, problem solving, and communication. In response to Crowe Horwath’s needs for this event, we tailored the activities and games to also stress leadership skills.

Leadership on Display

In a unique practice, Crowe Horwath used the Wagon Builders™ program as part of a 2-day evaluation process. The company watches closely how well the interns interact with each other and perform under pressure. Wagon Builders™ provides many opportunities for peoples’ personality to be revealed by responses to challenges and competition in a unique environment. Interns got a lot out of the program, too. They gained a clear understanding of Crowe Horwath’s company values, including the importance of giving back to the community. It was a good way for both the company and its interns to gauge how much of a good fit the working relationship were.

Making a Difference for Kids in the Bronx

We arranged for the wagons to go to the Kips Bay Boys and Girl Club. In a surprise for the interns, some of the children from the Boys and Girls Club arrived at the end of the event. Participants gave the wagons to the children right then and there. It was a pretty moving event, both for the interns and the children. It’s one thing to know that donations are going to kids, and quite another to see the looks on children’s faces when they receive them in person.

Helping the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club

Sinclair J Hollingsworth, a representative of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, joined the children and also made a few remarks to the group. He shared several stories of how the Boys and Girls Club made a difference for area children. Many of the participants were clearly moved. Our brief wrap-up session gave everyone a chance to re-cap the most memorable parts of the day. The Wagon Builders™ workshop left a lasting impression on the interns, and the interns’ performance left a lasting impression on the Crowe Horwath selection committee.