University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Education

Good Neighbor University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Education’s Bike-A-Thon Supports Nearby Peace Neighborhood Center

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Education stresses leadership, entrepreneurship, and business through the lens of positive social impact and sustainability. It’s no wonder that Magnovo’s Bike-A-Thon™ was a perfect fit for their faculty and grad student get-together! Our work that day benefited the children whose families participate in local Peace Neighborhood Center programs; this agency helps families overcome socioeconomic obstacles.

University of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive EducationUniversity of Michigan Ross School of Business Executive Education’s Bike-A-Thon™ Unites Diverse Group

It was seasonably cool on the March day we met with about 45 attendees at the school’s Wylie Hall, a dynamic mix of local, national, and international faculty and students. However, the optimism and enthusiasm of everyone in the room reflected a warm and caring group highly motivated to work together and help local kids. Because it was still early in the school term, and students and faculty represented several tracks and degree programs, we began with a few ice-breaker games. After that, we arranged the participants in teams of 5 and explained how Magnovo’s Bike-A-Thon™ worked.

Games, Bikes, and Teamwork

We called on teams to compete in interactive games like Wordles, Do As I Say, Numbers, Flip Cups, and Bank It. Winning teams earned bicycle parts, and then completed challenges in assembling bikes that tested their skills and talents. Our program facilitator visited each team and spoke with participants to ensure any language barrier was overcome. Team members harnessed their communication, leadership, and teamwork skills for success. Folks learned tips and strategies that fostered continued growth post-workshop.

Once B. Billups from the Peace Neighborhood Center arrived to meet the teams and pick up the bicycles, people applauded and cheered. They listened attentively as B. Billups shared some first-hand stories of what brought families to the Peace Neighborhood Center, and how center staff assisted those families. There were a few folks who wiped away tears; many participants had families of their own, and some had young kids still living far away, at home.

Kids of Peace Neighborhood Center Get New Bikes

It was a rewarding experience to see a disparate group evolve into a team, and do something selfless for local children. As we packed up the bicycles for delivery to the center, we carried on conversations that also served as debriefing sessions. Folks were very appreciative of getting to know their colleagues better, and also participate in professional development. We took a lot of photos and loved watching participants decorate the bikes for the kids who’d be receiving them. Overall, it was an action-packed two hours that challenged, encouraged, and motivated attendees for current and future success.