HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare’s Wagon Builders Workshop Helps Local Kids and Families in Need

HCA Healthcare hosted a day-long series of workshops for the company’s emerging leaders. The event organizers also sought a way for them to put theory into practice. Enter Magnovo’s Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop. With a customized program aligned with their goals, we delivered new strategies and tips for better communication, collaboration, and consensus building.

HCA HealthcareHigh-Flyers at HCA Healthcare Set the Bar

HCA Healthcare employees are uniquely positioned to make a donation of wagons for kids to the local Ronald McDonald House because of their healthcare background. They have a good understanding of the families’ experiences, and how little things like a new book or toy could take a child’s mind off of his or her troubles for just a little while. And so, this group of talented people was eager and enthusiastic to go above and beyond for local kids.

Wagon Builders™ in Nashville, TN

The 60 participants arranged themselves into teams of six. Teams competed for the parts necessary for putting the traditional red wagons together. It was all in good fun, although there were moments when it was pretty intense! Then, teams competed for the items used to fill those wagons. And of course, there were more obstacles and challenges to be overcome while filling the wagons! There was a lot of laughter and cheers as the wagons were filled to overflowing. Because these wagons were going to the local Ronald McDonald House, HCA Healthcare arranged for the wagons to be filled with books and educational toys. It was a lot of fun, and practical, too; what seemed like fun and games was actually fine-tuned to drive hands-on skill development.

Ten Wagons for Nashville’s Ronald McDonald House

Kaye Slater, a representative of the Ronald McDonald House, arrived on-site toward the end of the program to accept the donated wagons and supplies. She was overwhelmed by how many wagons were completed and how full they were. Ms. Slater shared several stories about the children and families supported by the Ronald McDonald House. She also told everyone just how their donations would make a difference in these kids’ lives. There was barely a dry eye in the room.

Our debriefing session wrapped up the program nicely. People appreciated the chance to review what they learned and reflect on their ability to affect change. The members of this leadership team showed real promise and a great understanding of how to manage through the matrix at HCA Healthcare. They demonstrated their commitment to hard work and collaboration through their success with Wagon Builders™.