Janssen’s WheelCharity Event Benefits Raritan, NJ Residents Needing Wheelchairs

The ultimate goal of research and development is solving a problem, and that aligns perfectly with a recent WheelCharity™ program.

A Beautiful Day in Raritan, NJ

janssenThe research and development team at Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson, hosted a charity team building program on a warm October day in Raritan, NJ. Holding the event on the Janssen campus was ideal because all participants were on-site, on time. This was a busy, hard-working team; they eagerly got started.

Janssen R&D Team Pulls Together for WheelCharity™

The 40 participants joined us in a large conference room. We welcomed the group and explained how the WheelCharity™ program works. The games and activities that are part of the wheelchair assembly emphasize communication and conflict resolution skills essential for productive and effective teams.

The three teams were charged with assembling two wheelchairs each. With each build, we introduced challenges. The winning team of each challenge earned extra parts and tools to make the process easier and faster. People enthusiastically cheered each other on. There was a brief interruption when the fire alarms went off, but everyone bounced back quickly from the fire drill. While we waited for the building to be cleared, folks talked about the event, and the charity that would be receiving the wheelchairs. Believe it or not, despite the “break” we all took during the fire drill, all of the teams still finished their wheelchairs on time!

Helping the Medical Equipment Ministry at Pluckemin Presbyterian Church

As the program wrapped up, we welcomed John Runyon from Pluckemin Presbyterian Church Medical Equipment Ministry. He was stunned to see how many wheelchairs the Janssen group completed! People listened with rapt attention as he described the church’s ministry and how it helped people needing short- and long-term assistance with the problem of obtaining wheelchairs. As Mr. Runyon then worked his way around the room, speaking to people in smaller groups, others decorated the wheelchairs they built. Many folks also added encouraging notes to those who’d be receiving the wheelchairs. We took a lot of group photos, too!

The program concluded with a short debriefing session. It gave the group a chance to talk about the afternoon’s activities. We took the time to reinforce some of the key team building elements we explored during the WheelCharity™ workshop. Many of the participants remarked at how much fun they had, too, and how much they appreciated helping others in their community.