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Kaiser Permanente’s Bike-A-Thon Helps Local Oakland Kids

If one person can make a difference, imagine what 20 people can do! That was the premise behind a small group from Kaiser Permanente who met with us at the Oakland Learning Center for a Bike-A-Thon™ charity team building workshop.

Kaiser Permanente Team Gets Introspective

kaiser permanenteWhen working for a big company like Kaiser Permanente, it can be easy for a team to get lost in the shuffle. This particular department took some time off-site for a day of department meetings. They capped it with a charity team building workshop. The goals of the event were to strengthen interpersonal skills. Organizers also wanted to reinforce how valuable each person is to the success and productivity of the overall group.

Team Building Through a Bike-A-Thon™

We arrived at the center ready to get started, and the Kaiser Permanente employees were ready, too. The organizers of the workshop had pre-arranged teams, so we were able to get right into it. We gave teams bicycle frames, hardware, and a few tools. There were a few puzzled looks until we explained that teams compete against each other to win the rest of the parts needed for assembling the bikes. And then everyone broke out into grins and chuckles.

We developed he challenges and activities with the goal of improving workplace relationships based on common personality styles. They provide a quick method for picking up new concepts and practicing new models of behavior and interaction while having fun in a low-pressure environment where the primary motivator is helping kids.

A Small Team Makes A Big Impact for Oakland, CA, Kids

While there were less than two dozen participants in this workshop, these folks didn’t let their small numbers dampen their enthusiasm. We saw as much heart and effort from these teams as we’ve ever seen from some of the biggest groups we’ve ever worked with. The four teams of five played hard and demonstrated competitiveness and camaraderie. They cheered on their teammates and pushed themselves hard. In the end, each team assembled two bicycles for kids in need. This was no small feat, considering this was a single afternoon workshop!

When LaKesha Roberts-Evans of the Ecumenical Hunger Program arrived on-site to accept the donated bicycles, she was impressed. Roberts-Evans talked about the kind of programs and services offered to kids and families, from emergency food aid to youth programs and furniture donations. She stressed the EHP’s service to those in immediate crisis. The group also supports families trying to get on their feet. As we wrapped up, the folks from Kaiser Permanente were gracious and thankful. They were glad to have supported local kids in need through their team building workshop.