Lush Cosmetic

Looking Good in Phoenix with Lush Cosmetics’ Team Fusion and Wagon Builders Workshop

When one of Lush Cosmetics’ management teams wanted a team building workshop that went the extra mile, we knew that offering them a Wagon Builders™ workshop combined with corporate Team Fusion™ could meet their needs. We listened closely to Lush’s organizer to learn their areas of strongest need, and fine-tuned our workshop activities in response.

Pretty Smart

Lush CosmeticLush is a well-known cosmetics company with strong values. It’s rooted in concepts like ethically sourced products and less consumer waste through minimal packaging. While all managers are equally committed to these same values, when they work in separate locations across the country, it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. Our meeting with Lush gave participants a chance to reconnect, to network, and to strengthen communication skills, while helping area kids in need.

Building a Strong Foundation

The Wagon Builders™ program started with the eight participants dividing into two teams of four. We had plenty of space at the Talking Stick Resort, and so folks were pretty comfortable spreading out. Teams competed for the parts and tools necessary for assembling kids’ wagons. The wagons were going to be donated to Family Promise of Greater Phoenix, which was a powerful motivator.

All of the activities folks completed that day focused on improving networking and communication skills. Our goal was to provide folks with a framework for change. Participants practiced the strategies, methods, and principles they learned that day right away. Participants learned about several personality styles and how people of different types can utilize each other’s strengths. They also learned about 360 degree feedback and how to use it, and situational leadership skills.

Supporting Family Promise of Greater Phoenix

By the end of the workshop, participants finished several wagons. Lisa Randall from Family Promise of Greater Phoenix was on hand to accept the donation. She remarked at how many wagons she had to share with children. Randall shared a few stories about the families in crises that Family Promise worked with, and how much the kids appreciated special gifts like these. Some folks took pictures of the wagons they built, too. The day clearly had an impact on participants.

Finally, the Lush Cosmetics team had really proven their ability to come together. They worked as a united group toward a common goal that day. With the tools and strategies we provided them, everyone was confident that this group could catch lighting in a bottle again, back at work.