Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews Team Uses DiSC Training to Maximize Potential

We met with a small group from the American Mathematical Society to explore how DiSC® training could improve workplace dynamics.

Ann Arbor, MI Team’s Day-Long DiSC® Workshop

Mathematical ReviewsWe had a small group that day, all of whom worked for Mathematical Reviews, which is part of the American Mathematical Society. It was nice to have a group this size because that made it possible to give folks some individualized attention.

The eight participants in the workshop were mathematicians and librarians. These are career fields that are often described as good for introverted and behind-the-scenes types. In most cases, attendance at our DiSC® workshops pretty evenly reflect the four primary personality types. In this case, the group represented only two of the four! Nevertheless, everyone got a lot out of it. We explored several tangible strategies for workplace success based on DiSC® theories.

Learning by Doing

First, we covered a brief overview and history of DiSC®. We discussed the reliability of assessments and behavioral theories, as proven through decades of testing. At the beginning of the workshop, all of the participants completed personality assessments. Then we delved into what those results meant, personally and career-wise.

We talked about the four primary personality types that make up DiSC®. These are Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Understanding the common qualities of each and how they’re commonly exhibited in group dynamics helps build rapport among colleagues. It can also help maximize productivity and efficiency.

Through engaging games and activities, we explored high-level concepts in a tangible way. Role playing gave folks a chance to really “try on” and explore different modes of communication, listening, and interpersonal contact. These conversations were framed within the context of personality style. The small group size made it easier for folks to talk frankly and discuss specific issues in a safe, supportive environment. Our workshop facilitator kept the conversation moving, and made sure everyone stayed on-topic.

The Mathematical Reviews Team Figures it Out

The DiSC® workshop wrapped up with a short debriefing session. This gave folks the opportunity for reflection. We also devoted some time for questions at the end of the program. The feedback we received was thoughtful and overwhelmingly positive. Attendees appreciated learning concrete skills and techniques they could take back to the workplace.