Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Enjoyed Team Training for a Good Cause in Garden City, NY 

As a result of a successful Bike-a-Thon™ charity event, employees at Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage discovered that everyone can be a leader, both inside and outside the workplace.

Investing in the Future of Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Employees

meadownbrookAs a financial institution, Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage employees are used to helping others invest in their dreams; however, the charity team building event gave them an opportunity to invest in the local community and their own company’s future.

Though organizational goals were a top priority, the group chose to improve their existing relationships with each other by strengthening their ties to the local area. They chose to complete Magnovo’s Bike-a-Thon™ challenge that allowed participants to work together to assemble bicycles that would be donated to a local charity.

This event’s recipient was EAC Network, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to neglected and abused children. In addition, they offer family and community programs, vocational services, and senior services. After completing the challenge, the team would donate their finished bikes to EAC Network to distribute to children in need. That was all the motivation this group needed to begin the activities.

No Challenge is Too Great

The team building event for Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage initially included 40 participants, but business needs prevented about half of the team from attending the event. It was clearly a frustating experience for some not to have full participation, but this level of customer focus only reiterated their unique strengths as a team dedicated to helping their company thrive.

In addition to lower numbers, the event space itself proved challenging to complete the Bike-a-Thon™. There wasn’t enough room to set up the necessary tables, and there was an array of unnecessary equipment and furniture that couldn’t be relocated.

However, the group treated these obstacles like business as usual, and were able to integrate these challenges into their team building activities. Though these things would be cumbersome for some teams, the employees made it work for them and actually seemed to enjoy the extra hurdles.

A Successful Bike-a-Thon™ for Garden City, NY Children

After the team successfully completed the Bike-a-Thon™, we gathered again to rehash the day’s event. The team beamed at their accomplishment and the opportunity to use their jobs as a way to help others.