MetLife’s WheelCharity Workshop Makes Mobility Possible for Local Veterans

An afternoon charity team building workshop motivated MetLife employees to work hard and “play” it forward in Mystic, CT.

metlifePartly Cloudy Outside, Bright and Cheerful Inside

Even though winter was really holding on in Connecticut, the folks from MetLife who were in attendance at the WheelCharity™ workshop the company hosted at the Hilton Mystic were warm and welcoming. They’d already spent a full morning in training and would be following the WheelCharity™ program with another training session. No one let that slow them down, though. Everyone was eager to participate, highly motivated by the chance to offer meaningful help to local veterans through the Norwich Veterans Center.

MetLife Teams Square Off in WheelCharity™

Because our time was limited, we kept our introductions brief and quickly arranged several teams. This was one of the most fun and enthusiastic groups we’ve worked with in a long time. A lot of good-natured banter preceded our mini-games where teams earned wheelchair parts for later assembly. Things that seemed easy, like the Blind Ball Drop and the Cup Pyramid, actually required teamwork, communication skills, and a lot of creative thinking! It primed everyone for the next segment of the workshop, the wheelchair build.

Teams worked very well together; it was highly competitive but also a very supportive environment. The team that finished first cheered on the others, and so on until all the wheelchairs were complete. In the few minutes we had to spare, folks decorated their wheelchairs and wrote notes for the future recipients, wishing them well and thanking them for their service.

The Norwich Veterans Center is the Winner

Mark Johnson, a representative of the Norwich Veterans Center, arrived toward the end of the program to accept the donated wheelchairs. He marveled at how many wheelchairs the group completed and thanked everyone profusely. One of the MetLife group presented Mr. Johnson with a WheelCharity™ certificate marking the occasion. He followed up with a few brief stories. He talked about how the veterans who visit the center benefited from donated wheelchairs, and he left everyone in the room feeling moved and inspired.

It was an especially powerful experience because some of the MetLife employees were veterans or had members of their family who had served in the military. This WheelCharity™ event was a great workshop where the MetLife teams demonstrated their strengths through a united effort to better the lives of those to whom we owe so much, America’s veterans.