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Midwest Mole, Inc. Bike-A-Thon in Carmel, IN

This Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop was part of Midwest Mole Inc.’s annual 2-day meeting in Carmel, IN. 80 employees attended the workshop, which was held in the beautiful Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel. Most of the participants were employees who worked out in the field every day, but some of their office managers were also in attendance. And although most of the team hadn’t participated in this sort of activity before, their lack of experience did not prevent anyone from giving it all that they had. As you’ll see when you read on, this workshop was a success at every level.

Stoking The Competetive Fires

midwest moleWe knew this was a competitive group coming into the workshop, so it was our facilitators’ job to transform this great energy into a glue that could hold together a team. They accomplished this by dividing the group into teams that would be competing against one another even as they worked toward the shared goal of assembling bikes for the children from the U.S. Dream Academy. And just as we’d hoped, this brought out the best of both the individual team member’s competitive and charitable sides.

By using popular warm-up exercises like John John, Air Counting, Say What I Say, and a variety of other engaging mini-games, our facilitators got everyone’s juices flowing and prepared them for the parts earning and assembly stages of the charity workshop. But it was when the team realized what they were striving toward that the transformation truly began.

Midwest Mole Comes Together for The U.S. Dream Academy

This workshop was a brand new experience for most the Midwest Mole team, including both the managers and the technicians. Fortunately, this so-called lack of experience did nothing to prevent every last participant from putting their egos and aside and working toward the common good, especially once they found out that the children from the U.S. Dream Academy would actually be present to receive the wonderful bikes they produced.

There was a hardly a dry eye in the house by the time the workshop had ended and the children received their gifts. There were stirring displays of emotions from even the toughest team members as these fantastic kids expressed their gratitude. It was at this moment when we became convinced that the lessons of this workshop were ones that everyone involved would carry back to the office and into the field for years to come.