Milestone AV Technologies’ Call Center DiSC Training Success Story

We carried out two half-day DiSC® personality training workshops for Milestone AV Technologies on-site at their call center in Eden Prairie, MN. Because all members of the call center team cannot be out of the office at the same time, the same program was offered twice. Half of the staff attended the workshop while the other half covered the phones, and then they switched.

Milestone AV Technologies Needed Help

We were asked to help improve internal communication and inter-department communication. Our DiSC® training program includes quizzes and activities designed to make learning fun and give participants a chance to try out what they learn in a safe environment where it’s okay to try something new and then try it again for reinforcement.

First, we guided the group through a self-assessment. People took a short quiz and self-identified which of the four personality types was their best fit. Then, we explored several personality characteristics common to each type, along with what kinds of things motivate each personality type.

DiSC® – An Overview

DiSC® workshops, led by a professional, certified facilitator, are based on decades of scientific research and backed by field-tested quizzes. It’s these characteristics that make DiSC® training so effective for long-term improvement.

For example, folks whose personalities align with the Dominance type are usually good at seeing the big picture in a situation. Someone who’s an Influence type has a good rapport with others. A Steadiness type might hang back in a crowd but be really supportive behind the scenes. And folks who align with the Conscientiousness type are often good with details, especially those that underpin an entire project.

Each personality type has innate communication strategies and needs, some they might not even be aware of. But gaining awareness is an important first step to building a better team, where people can identify and respond to others’ communication styles efficiently and effectively.

How DiSC® Helps in Eden Prairie, MN

Several rounds of activities and games that were carefully prepared to reflect real-world workplace encounters were well-received. Call center reps worked on the soft skills that allow them to quickly identify the likely personality style of the caller. Reps are then able to customize the customer experience based on the caller’s personality style. This allows for more effective and productive interaction.

Call center team members also practiced new ways of listening and talking with each other. Our workshop also stressed better communication with other departments at Milestone AV Technologies. Not only will external customers benefit from the DiSC® workshops we conducted for Milestone, but the company’s internal customers will, too.