Bristol Meyers Squibb

New Hires from Bristol Meyers Squibb Go The Extra Mile for Charity in Evansville, IN

This was an outdoor WheelCharity Workshop for 25 new team members from Bristol Squibb Meyers. The team came to Burdette Park in Evansville, IN from all over the country, with one member coming all the way from Ireland. In addition to being relatively new to the company, most of the people in attendance had never worked together before. Fortunately, this is a situation that our facilitators have handled with great success many times before and this time would be no different.

A New Team Scores Big

Bristol Meyers SquibbAll 25 members of the Bristol Squib Meyers team had less one year of experience with the company. Needless to say, our main goal coming into the workshop was to demonstrate the value of teamwork in a variety of settings. Fortunately, with an assist from the eager new staffers, we were able to pull this off magnificently.

As usual, we divided the group into teams and took them through the paces of some of custom-made “warm-up” activities, which are all designed to address a company’s specific needs and liven things up a bit. As the day wore on, we progressed into the parts earning phase of the workshop before beginning the actual wheelchair assembly.

By the time we reach the assembly phase, the teams were running like clockwork. They’d absorbed what our facilitators were teaching in a way that seemed permanent. This was reinforced by two things– the sheer number of wheelchairs that were produced and all the smiles and back pats we saw after we were done.

Everybody Wins With a Great Cause like VFW Post 1114

Everyone involved in the workshop knew that the wheelchairs they assembled were going to the Evansville branch of the VFW. From beginning to end, this provided everyone all the motivation they needed to work together and grow as a team because they knew they were helping veterans who were experiencing mobility problems or one sort or another.

This is one of the main reasons that our charity workshops are so beneficial to our clients. Working toward a shared goal helps them understand that the group is bigger and more productive than a group of individuals. This is a lesson we’ve learned time and time again, as well as one we were happy to share with the team from Bristol Meyers Squibb.