JB Learning’s Sales Team Helps New Orleans’ Kids Through Wagon Builders

A highly-skilled sales team helped local kids while helping themselves improve critical communication skills in Magnovo’s Wagon Builders™ workshop.

JB LearningMaking the Most of New Orleans

JB Learning’s sales team meeting in New Orleans couldn’t have been at a better time. While the whole city came together in preparation for Mardi Gras, the sales team came together in preparation for Wagon Builders™!

There was a definite good-time atmosphere in Magnovo’s Wagon Builders™ workshop, and some of that may have been a little Mardi Gras magic. It might also have been the highly engaged and motivated JB Learning sales team giving the workshop their all. This was a competitive group, and they were determined to give the kids of Raintree Children and Family Services wagons they’d never forget.

Wagon Builders™ in Action

We met this group of about 20 at The Saint Hotel New Orleans. The group had been sitting in meetings all day, and were looking forward to a break. The theme of our workshop was better negotiating through stronger communication. It’s a fast-paced and fun experience where participants work through play.

Wagon Builders™ challenges groups to assemble wagons for kids through targeted challenges and activities. We encourage teamwork, negotiation, problem solving, and creativity. After putting their wagons together, teams play games and activities against each other to earn books and toys to fill the wagons. And finally, teams get to decorate the wagons for the kids who will be receiving them.

This was a friendly yet competitive group. Because they worked together already, participants were pretty comfortable with each other. This meant that folks jumped right into the wagon building program enthusiastically. They self-selected teams quickly and got right down to work. Teams fielded every challenge we gave them with confidence. When it came time to decorate the wagons, many participants also included personal notes, sending good wishes to the children who’d be receiving them.

JB Learning Helps Kids in New Orleans

When Whitney Armentor, a representative of Raintree Children and Family Services arrived, she was pleasantly surprised at how many wagons were ready, and how full they were! She made some brief remarks for the group. She shared some of Raintree’s success stories, and also talked about how the staff at Raintree works together to support the at-risk children and families the organization serves.

As the Wagon Builders™ workshop wrapped up, we heard from several participants about how much they learned. Several also spoke of how much they appreciated the chance to turn this learning opportunity into a helping opportunity.