Why Not Providing Teamwork Training is a Bad Idea

The truth is that a company’s workforce is its heart and soul. A business owner or an executive board might be responsible for making policy decisions that change the course of a company, but it’s those same rank-and-file workers that are the ones pulling at the oars, making sure company is actually heading in the right direction.

With the workforce of a company so integral to its overall success, it’s imperative to ensure that workforce has the tools necessary to not just accomplish assigned tasks but to do so easily and efficiently. Whether they’re assigned to a mundane task or they’re contributing to a major multi-departmental project, workers are going to need, at the very least, one very specific tool sooner or later: the knowledge and training required to work effectively as part of a team.

The Buck Stops with You

It’s not the responsibility of your employees to hone their teamwork skills on their own. At the same token, there’s no requirement that says you have to be responsible for instilling teamwork in your employees, either, but the bare truth is that workers that have high teamworking skills are integral to business productivity. This isn’t just pie-in-the-sky thinking, either – extensive academic research has gone into the role teamwork has when it comes to increased productivity.

How much of a role does teamwork play in bootstrapping success within a given company? A lot more than you probably think. A Salesforce survey found, for example, that 86 percent of workers feel that a lack of workplace collaboration – one of the most important facets of teamwork – was responsible for failed projects. That’s an overwhelming response – even if you don’t particularly believe that teamwork training has a role to play in your business, it’s likely that almost 9 out of every 10 of your employees think otherwise. This makes it a very poor decision indeed to skimp on the teamwork training.

The Three Cs

No matter how you slice it, teamwork skills are integral to the productivity of any given workforce. These skills are the “Three Cs” – Communication, Collaboration, and Cooperation – and it’s in your best interest to ensure your employees focus on building these skills in order to drive that all-important productivity. However, this is often easier said than done, thanks to the nature of these skills; it takes a deft hand to provide instruction on concepts that be easily measured.

It’s true that the Three Cs are hard to quantify in the same way as others. They’re often called “soft skills” for this reason, as it can be challenging to find ways to find appropriate teamwork training that isn’t overpriced, ineffective, or both. Team building activities or events need to engage your workforce enough for them to internalize the worth of teamworking skills, and these events need to be cost-effective for your company in order to provide a positive return on investment. That’s why it’s often in your best interest to partner with a teamwork training expert.

Experience and Expertise

The spaghetti approach to teamwork training – throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks – isn’t going to get you very far. Instead, rely on a company with the experience and expertise to provide cost-effective team building events and activities to your company. Contact us today to learn how we can provide your business the teamwork-powered productivity boost it deserves!