Novartis’ Mission: Military Care Helps Neighbors Near and Far

Novartis, an international pharmaceutical company, recently hosted a leadership summit where participants took helping people to a whole new level through a Mission: Military Care™ team building workshop.

novartisA Leadership Summit Like No Other

It’s hard to imagine that anyone hasn’t been moved by the images coming out of hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico. The folks at Novartis decided to take action as part of the company’s recent leadership summit. Magnovo’s Mission: Military Care™ workshop was customized to prepare care packages for Puerto Ricans in need of basic supplies. Not ones to overlook how much help might be needed “at home”, too, Novartis organizers doubled up and carried out a food drive for area families, too!

A Customized Mission: Military Care™ Program in Hanover, NJ

Ordinarily, our Mission: Military Care™ program sends prepared care packages off to American service men and women around the world. In this instance though, at the company’s request, we happily modified the workshop. All 130 participants needed very little encouragement because they were all excited. So we skipped the ice breakers and got right to work at the Hanover Marriott.

Because we had only one hour for the event, the Novartis organizers had already arranged for team assignments; each team had about 8-10 employees. Teams really gave each other some good-natured cheers and jeers, and everyone played hard. Folks had a great time with games like Air Counting and Flip Cup. Winners of each round earned additional items for their care packages. Once packages were full, team members added handwritten notes of good wishes and encouragement.

What seemed like just fun and games emphasized the same skills that are essential to a strong company team: collaboration, communication, and support. People practiced skills in a hands-on setting removed from the ordinary workday tasks, freeing them to think and act in new and creative ways.

Novartis Doesn’t Forget Its Neighbors

Teams also organized 900 pounds of food pantry donations. And bags full of toys and personal hygiene items for their neighbors in Hanover! Stepping back after an hour, people could not believe how much they’d accomplished. For a moment, all one could hear was the snap-snap-snap of smartphones snapping photographs. Novartis’ leadership team’s efforts through Mission: Military Care™ made a real difference; even though we didn’t have a lot of time, every single one of those people had a lot of heart, and put their all into making the mission a success.