Personality Tests Can Help Balance a Team

You wouldn’t expect a table to be stable with only two legs; it needs at least three for balance. The same holds true for a team; building a team requires more than skills and knowledge. There is strong evidence that it also requires soft skills – people’s ability to work well together personally. It’s essential that all team members have the ability to focus on a shared goal, set aside personal goals, and put their heads together in collaboration. And that goes for organizations of all kinds, from corporations to the military!

Why Personality Assessments Matter

Research shows that most insightful personality assessments measure what you’re good at. Great assessments also show things you need to watch out for, what you need, and what motivates you. For example, an assessment can indicate you’re a strong decision-maker who tends to overlook small details in favor of the big picture because you’re motivated by having tangible results to show for your efforts.

Taking a personality test can help management, leadership teams, or project organizers balance a group’s strengths and motivators for maximum efficiency and productivity. It can illustrate areas of need, and serve as an indicator of potential success or struggle within a group dynamic.

Company resources – both time and money – are at a premium. Personality tests can help in better decision-making when it comes to putting together teams, promotions, and delegation of tasks. These tests can also help employees better identify their own limits, and work through those limits in pursuit of collaboration.

How DiSC® Helps

DiSC® personality testing is based on principles developed by William Moulton Marston, Ph.D., in 1948. Over the years, his work and initial theories have been further refined. There are four primary behavior styles: Dominant, Influence, Conscientiousness, and Steadiness. People’s actions and attitudes generally reflect one of the four more than the others. Styles are measured along a continuum; so, there is no “right” or “wrong” style. What’s important is that test-takers better understand how they see the world, and the strengths and challenges inherent in that.

DiSC® assessments provide participants with tools for positive change. Individual assessments can help folks with personal change. Group assessments can show areas of need or imbalance in a group.

For example, if three-quarters of a group includes folks who are Steadiness types who tend to get indecisive when under pressure, it could slow down productivity because the group isn’t balanced. DiSC® training can provide these folks with strategies for overcoming those challenges. Meanwhile, for example, Dominant types in the group can use this information to understand the group dynamic better as they’re pushing for action and not seeing (in their eyes) a sufficient response.

The Magnovo Advantage

DiSC® personality training through Magnovo’s fun and engaging interactive workshops can be customized to meet your organizations’ needs. It fulfills the need for personality assessments. And then it takes them one step further to encompass a critical team balancing aspect. DiSC® training’s flexible format and customized activities drive home high-level concepts and positively impact how well new knowledge and skills are retained. Specialized assessments can be used in management, leadership, and sales environments. Because Magnovo’s assessments are backed up by scientific analysis, companies – and participants – can feel secure in their new self-awareness and how they can use their “type” to their advantage.

DiSC® personality training provides several notable benefits. It helps everyone see that all members of the team bring valuable qualities to the overall process. It identifies areas of balance or imbalance in terms of behavior styles. And participants gain a better understanding of how and why people act as they do, which can help overcome interpersonal challenges and improve conflict resolution.

Perhaps the most powerful parts of DiSC® personality training is that its validity holds true across industries. It applies to healthcare banking, tech, education, and more. And it’s applicable to all levels of employment, from front-line staff to tech support to upper management and executive staff. It’s a versatile tool that, when used as part of Magnovo’s DiSC® personality training workshops, offers solutions in addition to insight about balancing a team.