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Realis Learning’s Leadership Teams Helps Wheels For the World Through WheelCharity

When members of Relias Learning’s leadership team met in Cary, NC, many were skeptical about the charity team building workshop. But after two hours of fun and games, with a surprise for all at the end, nearly everyone was persuaded. WheelCharity™ brought people together and gave them tools for increased efficiency and productivity. The event also made a genuine difference in the lives of people with mobility issues.

Relias Learning Comes to Cary, NC

The Relias employees who were participating in this leadership summit represented managers from across the country. These folks rarely got a chance to work together, and so we started our workshop with a few simple ice breaker games. It took a little while for everyone to really warm up to the idea of a group activity, but once they did, people were sincerely supportive of each other and enthusiastic about the workshop goals.

The Relias event organizers had already arranged for everyone to assemble into teams of 8-10. The winning team of each game we played earned the necessary parts for building a wheelchair. The completed wheelchairs were to be donated to Wheels for the World. This is a local nonprofit organization committed to helping people facing mobility issues that interfere with daily living, and their families.

A WheelCharity™ Success!

These teams handled every challenge or obstacle we threw at them like pros. By the end of the event, we had 15 beautiful, new wheelchairs. There were a few people in attendance who’d been at a previous charity team building workshop we did. They were very vocal about how much fun they had last time. Several talked about how great it was to be able to have this experience again. We were grateful these returning participants didn’t give away the surprise! Elizabeth Kelly, a representative of Wheels for the World, arrived at the end of the workshop to accept delivery of the wheelchairs in person. She was very animated as she chatted with each group. She asked questions and told them more about the charity and its work. Afterward, she gave thanked the group as a whole, and received a standing ovation.

Relias Learning’s Good Work Benefits Wheels for the World

A group somewhat skeptical at the start of a team building event, came around quickly to enjoy working together and doing good. People enjoyed being out of the office and out of the typical lecture-style event. The ability to practice key hands-on soft skills in a low-stress environment freed up people’s hesitation about working together on a group project. And seeing just how much of a positive impact a group can make based on every single member’s work was empowering to all of them. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to joining the folks at Relias Learning again, soon.