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Relias Learning Helps Local Food Pantry with Sizable Sculpture Workshop

One year ago, we worked with Relias Learning on a Puttin’ Pantry™ workshop, and it was a rousing success. This year, the sales group was even bigger, and so was their success!

relias learningFrom Puttin’ Pantry™ to Food Sculpture Workshop

We met with about 150 members of the Relias Learning sales team at the Durham Convention Center in Durham, NC. The goal of the event was to work on important “soft skills” for the workplace. Our games and activities encouraged teamwork, negotiation, resource management, evaluation and feedback. Because of the size of the group, we customized our Puttin’ Pantry™ workshop.

Ordinarily, participants in a Puttin’ Pantry™ workshop arrive with pretty sizeable donations of non-perishables. But we were blown away by the 3,000 items collected by Relias Learning staff! So instead of asking teams to build out a mini golf course, teams were challenged to make a sculpture out of their items.

Working Hard in Durham, NC

Relias Learning’s organizer divided the participants into teams ahead of time. This saved a lot of time since we had only a few hours to work with. After a brief couple of ice-breaker games, we got everyone sorted into their assigned teams and got to work. Teams played games and overcame challenges. What seemed like fun and games were actually designed to help participants practice collaborative skills. People were enthusiastic and supportive of each other throughout the program. There was a lot of cheering, laughing, and high fives all morning long. Winning teams earned non-perishable items for their sculptures. After several rounds of activities, teams got creative in the building. We took a vote for the best sculpture, and it was a tie! Two teams earned top honors that day.

The Food Bank of Durham Gets A Big Donation

Towards the end of our program, Carter Crain from the Durham Branch of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina arrived. He walked around and chatted with each team. He was stunned by the volume of food donations the food bank was getting. We gathered the group together so Mr. Crain could say a few words. He was visibly moved as he thanked the group. We took lots of photos of proud teams and their sculptures. All of the feedback we received was positive. People were thrilled to do good while also practicing important workplace skills. We’re hopeful that next year, we can do an even bigger workshop for Relias Learning!