Rescue Buddies Help Pacifica, CA Kids, Thanks to Genentech

When Genentech wanted their management team to hone leadership skills, they also wanted a fun and engaging way to do it. After all, the group was already there for a series of meetings, but it can be hard to absorb new things when faced with meeting after meeting. And so they hosted Magnovo’s Rescue Buddies™ workshop.

GenentechRescue Buddies To the… Rescue

Magnovo worked carefully with Genentech’s meeting organizers to ensure that our program aligned closely with their needs. In a Rescue Buddies™ program, teams compete for the parts needed to assemble stuffed animals, and then put them together. Specially designed challenges encourage participants to use key soft skills, like communication, leadership, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

The completed stuffed animals, or Rescue Buddies™, are then donated to a local law enforcement organization. Law enforcement officers offer the the toys to children to help comfort them in crisis situations. There’s no special equipment or setting needed. Rescue Buddies™ workshops can be held on-site, or anywhere a company meeting is held; in this case, we met the Genentech team at Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar in Pacifica, CA.

Practicing Leadership Skills

Genentech’s participants had a great time with the Rescue Buddies™ program. Everyone was eager to participate, and helping children was a powerful motivator for the group. There was lots of friendly competition, but people did take it seriously, too. The 25 participants self-selected their teams and chose team captains. They were working hard, and then one of our challenges prompted them to trade off team captains! Participants re-aligned their strategies and were quickly ready for the next challenge.

People were competitive and yet very supportive of their teammates. By the end of the workshop, more than two dozen Rescue Buddies™ were completed! People were very proud of their hard work.

Helping Kids in Pacifica, CA

When Joseph Spanheimer arrived to accept the Rescue Buddies™ donations on behalf of the Pacifica Police Department, he was impressed by how many stuffed animals the Genentech team completed. He shared a few stories about how and when Rescue Buddies™ are handed out to kids, and it was easy to see how meaningful the event became in the eyes of the participants.

A brief wrap-up session gave everyone a chance to talk about the program. In addition to reinforcing leadership skills, workshop activities also brought people together. Everyone felt renewed and ready to take on the rest of their meetings for the day.