Oklahoma State University

Rescue Buddies Helps Oklahoma State University’s SHIELD Scholars Practice Teamwork While Helping Local Kids

The Rescue Buddies™ workshops we do with college students are some of the most fast-paced and dynamic programs we’re lucky enough to do. We met with about 25 grad students who were participants in the Oklahoma State University SHIELD Scholars program. The school earned a grant from Phillips 66. The funds were to be used for team and leadership development. And so program organizers contacted Magnovo. We were lucky to have worked with the school before, and Phillips 66, too. It was great to be back at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater!

Oklahoma State UniversityOklahoma State University SHIELD Scholars Get to Work

While the participants represented several academic departments, they were united in their enthusiasm for working together and helping local kids. The Rescue Buddies program we hosted that Saturday encouraged students to practice their leadership and teamwork skills. We started with a couple of icebreakers and then moved onto workshop activities like Hand Holding, Say What I Say, and Air Counting so that students could earn the parts necessary for assembling Rescue Buddies. Then, we started a new series of games: Flip Cup, Wordles, Group Writing, Paw Dice Game, and the Prediction Card Game. These games made the assembly process more challenging. Students were motivated to work together in new and creative ways. Students worked hard to support each other and ensure that the group overall was successful.

Helping Stillwater, OK Kids in Emergency Situations

By the end of the workshop, students completed 25 stuffed animals. We arranged for the Rescue Buddies™ to go to the Payne County Sheriff’s Department. Officers in the Domestic Violence Department often used them. Rescue Buddies were given to children in the midst of trauma, such as being removed from their homes. While it certainly couldn’t alleviate their suffering, holding a stuffed animal provided a small measure of comfort during times of stress. This kind of workshop is a Magnovo favorite because of how directly each child is served. It’s also a popular workshop for our clients; helping local children in emergency situations by making Rescue Buddies™ available to them is a powerful motivator.

Payne County Sheriff’s Department Accepts Donation

Rockford Brown of the Sheriff’s Department was invited to attend the workshop. Students listened attentively when he spoke to the group at the end of the program. He thanked everyone for their hard work. He also shared a highly emotional story of just one child who received a Rescue Buddy from one of the Sheriff’s Department officers. A hush fell over the room, broken only by Rockford Brown encouraging the Oklahoma State University – SHIELD Scholars students to give themselves a round of applause for their hard work and community-minded efforts.