With Rescue Buddies, Roche Diagnostics Comforts the Kids of the Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center

Roche Diagnostics invited us to their holiday party to help everyone get into the spirit of giving while making learning fun.

A Holiday Party Spreads A Lot of Local Cheer

In a brightly decorated private room at Black Circle Brewing Co., the team from Roche Diagnostics celebrated with a holiday party. Cheerful music, Christmas stockings at every place setting, and a warm Cuban lunch had everyone enjoying themselves. The company wanted to spread good cheer beyond the organization, though, and that’s where we came in, with our Rescue Buddies™ workshop. Since everyone would be together, Roche wanted to use this opportunity to make team building fun for all.

Roche Diagnostics’ Rescue Buddies™ Workshop

To kick off this customized program, we made a quick introduction of DiSC® personality profiles, and how they were related to the StrengthsFinders diagnostic tool everyone had recently completed. Through games and activities, we challenged everyone to assemble stuffed animals while utilizing the strengths and talents of each personality style. No matter whether someone had a Dominant, Influence, Steadiness or Conscientiousness style, everyone had something valuable to contribute. The completed stuffed animals – our Rescue Buddies™ – were going to the local Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center. Agency staff would distribute them to comfort children arriving at the Center.

Rescue Buddies™ Help Indianapolis-area Kids

The group of 25 quickly arranged themselves into teams of 5. For every test we issued, they were ready! One team even claimed a record-setting 100 catches during our Flip Cup challenge! Other popular games included Wordles and Group Writing. As teams competed, they earned stuffed animal parts. Everyone worked together to complete the stuffing in time for the arrival of Stephanie from the Center.

Everyone was very welcoming to her, and she shared her own story with the group. Stephanie’s family used the Salvation Army shelter when she was a child. She now serves as a case manager for families experiencing similar challenges. We helped pack the Rescue Buddies™ for delivery to the Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center.

Everyone had a great time – even Stephanie, who stuffed a Rescue Buddy™ herself! We took lots of photos for Roche Diagnostics and for the staff at the Center, too. Stephanie was so excited to bless the kids at the Ruth Lilly Women and Children’s Center with the Rescue Buddies™! And the team from Roche was clearly thrilled to help her do just that.