RSA Security  Donates Bicycles to Build Team Skills

RSA Security’s team building event in Orlando proved the importance of strengthening relationships both with each other and their surrounding community.

RSA Security Learns to Conquer Challenges – Together

rsaWe gathered with RSA Security employees at an event space at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, where we started with a few simple warmup activities. Games like Air Counting and Say What I Say helped to get every team member involved and motivated for the larger activity ahead.

Conducting a successful team building event for 100 participants is no easy feat, yet RSA Security team members accomplished it with grace. From the beginning, the event was rife with challenges. Food and drink were allowed in the event space, which had the potential to create distractions from our main focus. In addition, commanding the attention of 100 employees presents its own unique challenges.

At the end of the day, we realized that team building went beyond the group from RSA Security employees. The event was a huge success at the end of the day, thanks to the dedication of the team, the presenters, the event planner, and the charity.

Teaming Up for Charity in Orlando, FL

The core of the day’s event was Magnovo’s Bike-a-Thon, where participants assemble bikes to donate to a local charity. For this event, we would be donating the completed bikes to Heart of Florida United Way. Traci Blu, a representative from the organization, was slated to make an appearance at the end of the event to personally thank the group for their contribution.

Heart of Florida United Way is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children, families, veterans, and homeless in Central Florida. They work directly with children and low-income families to provide them health care, employment, housing, and other necessities.

Once the team discovered they were working to provide less fortunate children with bicycles, the focus shifted from work to reward. Not a single person held back during the activity as they worked hard to complete the challenge.

Making a Difference Inside and Outside the Workplace

As we concluded the day’s activities, Traci delivered an impactful speech to the group reiterating how their efforts would inspire the children receiving the bikes. During this debriefing, the group obviously felt good about their accomplishments left with a new appreciation for themselves and their Orlando, FL community.