Santa Clara County Office of Education

Santa Clara County Office of Education Gets Creative With Collaboration

The Santa Clara County Office of Education had no idea how creative their group was until they completed our Big Picture workshop. Now they’re all artists, in one way or another!

What happens when a group collaborates on a huge art project? In the real world, it’s a scene ripe for the clashing of heads. But in our team building workshop, it’s a chance to exercise collaboration skills that are commonly essential in the work place.

Santa Clara County Office of Education

The Santa Clara County Office of Education Channeled Their Inner Artists for this Workshop

In this team building workshop, we lead participants through a series of interactive modules that build upon one another. Starting with ice breakers, we warm everybody up and make sure everyone knows that it’s a stress-free environment they’re in. There’s no judgment, no pressure, and therefore no stress about performing.

Everyone simply does their best to use good communication skills, help each other, and complete their goals in a friendly, collaborative environment.

Our first icebreaker was “Have You Ever”, which gets everyone speaking and sharing. Then it was on to “Air Counting”, which is a communicative exercise that never fails to bring out the laughter.

The Art Project is the Capstone Event

The participants from the Santa Clara County Office of Education were all warmed after the interactive challenges we gave them. That meant they were ready for some “advanced” collaboration: the Big Picture.

Together, they were tasked with creating a huge, wonderful collage. Everyone participated, everyone shared ideas, and everyone had a say in the final result.

Isn’t that how you’d love your projects at work to play out? After all, when everyone participates, you get more ideas, greater innovation, and eventually greater overall productivity. That’s what teamwork is all about!

Here’s Where the Leftover Art Supplies End Up

We use a lot of fun art supplies in creating the Big Picture- it helps the creativity, which in turn sparks collaboration. But when the day is over and everyone goes home, what happens to all those leftover art supplies?

You’ll be glad to know they get bundled up and sent to the National Gallery of Art. They run incredible art education programs for all ages in Washington, D.C. (their attached Sculpture Garden is great, too!). These art supplies from our Big Picture team building workshops go to programs that help people understand art- now that’s a worthy cause!