StatLab’s Rescue Buddies Workshop Provides Comfort to Local Kids in Emergencies

StatLab hosted 35 people in Plano, TX for a Rescue Buddies™ charity team building workshop.

statlabNext-Level Training for Sales Teams

One of the challenges of being on StatLab’s sales team is that the department is spread out geographically. And so the company wanted to develop greater teamwork and communication in reaching sales goals among employees. A customized Rescue Buddies™ workshop provided sales teams with those skills and an important motivation that lined up well with StatLab’s mission. It’s one thing to work together during a corporate event; it’s another to work together when the results of that collaboration will help injured children.

Rescue Buddies™ in Action

After several icebreakers, teams played a series of games where they “won” the parts necessary for building Rescue Buddies™. These stuffed animals are important to first responders, who can offer them to children in need during emergency situations. The games generated a lot of laughter as well as a chance to work on critical soft skills.

The next step was to assemble the stuffed animals. We threw in a few extra challenges to keep teams on their toes, and everyone responded so well. People worked hard on their stuffed animals, helped each other, and overcame every obstacle with creative thinking, supportive responses, and higher-level problem-solving skills.

The Game Changer Came from Plano Fire-Rescue

The charity portion of this Rescue Buddies™ workshop was unlike anything we’ve seen before. Kelly Helm, fire chief with Plano Fire-Rescue, arrived on-site to accept the donation. He had a certificate to present to the group after he thanked them for their hard work. The woman who was to accept the certificate began to cry a little, and after that, there was no dry eye in the place.

At this point, a man from the team stepped forward and held up the lion that he just put together. “This is a lion, I am a Leo, and I built this for kids who need hope.” He also walked away teary.

It’s a wonder that anyone was able to hold it together for the group photo, but they did, and it was beautiful! Even though this group of sales team members from StatLab didn’t work together in person every day, they certainly worked together on Rescue Buddies™ and made a huge difference for Plano-area kids in need. It was an amazing event, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.