Gain a Fresh Perspective with Louisiana Charity Team Building

Louisiana is one of the most interesting states in our union. It has an incredibly rich history, a diverse blend of people, and more great attractions than many states that are twice its size. Some of our favorite Louisana attractions include The Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans, Bourbon Street, and the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve.

With everything the Bayou State has going for it, it’s easy to see why the companies that do business there deserve the best team building in the industry. It’s also easy to understand why great teamwork is such a necessity in Louisiana. It’s a state with a highly competitive market and an economy with plenty of room for growth over the next few years. This means a number of tough challenges for your Louisiana based company.

Charity Team Building Events delivers team building workshops and training events all across Louisiana

From Baton Rouge to Lafayette, New Orleans to Shreveport, we are your charity team building workshop go-to partner!
Charity Team Building Events delivers charity team building workshops in Louisiana

Some fun ideas for Louisiana Team Building

Charity Team Building Events can facilitate any of our interactive team building workshops at your location in Louisiana:

Bike-A-Thon – charity bicycle team building workshop
Rescue Buddies – stuffed animal building – the “Teddy Bear Workshop”
Wagon Builders – wagon building with a philanthropic twist
Anything Everything – the completely customized charity team building workshop
Mission: Military Cares – A charity team building event dedicated to helping our men and women in uniform
The Big Picture – team building with an artistic twist
WheelCharity – build wheelchairs for disabled individuals while having fun in this educational workshop
Mission: Kids Care – a fun and interactive way to help local students and teachers who can’t afford basic school supplies
Puttin Pantry – fun team building with miniature golf and donations to a local charity
Team Synergy – a team building workshop which will get your group laughing and interacting like never before

Key Louisiana Team Building Cities

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    Team Building in Louisiana

    Fortunately for everyone involved, Louisiana gives us plenty of team building resources to work with. These team building assets include organizations that do charitable work all over the state. This shows that Louisiana communities love to take care of their own, especially during times of crisis and need.

    This abundance of great charity organizations also means that there are plenty of ways your company can grow even as they help the community that supports it. Next, we’ll have a quick look at some of our most popular workshops.

    How Magnovo’s Charity Team Building Works To Improve Your Company

    Many Louisiana based companies have experienced great success with our charity team building workshops. The reasons for this success are fairly simple. It’s just common sense that working for a cause that’s bigger than their individual selves would teach an abundance of teamwork skills. It’s also pretty obvious that it would improve morale over both the short and the long term.

    We can be more specific, but first, we’ll show you how our philanthropic events actually function. Your company chooses a local charity to partner with before the workshop begins. This is the organization that receives the end products of the work your company does during their event. Once the workshop begins, we’ll divide your group into different teams, each of which will use a variety of teamwork skills to compete with one another during a few of our warm-up games.

    After that, your group participates in the parts gathering and the assembly stages. Our facilitators will coach your group during each stage of their workshop. They provide expert instruction on things like communication, leadership skills, job ownership and creative problem-solving. This instruction is made all the more effective because it’s dispensed within a philanthropic context.

    This context of giving allows your people to see one another in a new light. Additionally, the challenges they face during the various phases of their workshop will force them to band together as a functioning team. The results of all this are a brand-new perspective and a set of advanced skills your group will be happy to carry back to the office.