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Baton Rouge is one those cities with something for everyone. First, there’s the weather. It might be a little steamy in the summer, but that’s just part of the Baton Rouge vibe. Come winter, it stays warm even during the ‘coldest’ months. This means you’re not trapped inside and helps perpetuate Baton Rouge’s wonderful sense of freedom.

You already know this, but Baton Rouge is also a place with a lot of tough business competition. The Baton Rouge economy is especially strong in the retail sector and health care. It’s also expected to see a lot of growth over the next several years, so your company needs to be on top of its game. That means your staff will need to work well as a team. Fortunately, Magnovo can help.

Baton Rouge Team Building | City

There’s a reason why Baton Rouge is home to so many major companies like Albemarle Corporation, Piccadilly Restaurants, Lamar Advertising Company, Jasper Contractors, Community Coffee as well as many other booming businesses.

Add in the availability of Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR), a convenient airport with flight connections to just about everywhere, and you have a great combination of meeting space, events, and accessibility for your Baton Rouge charity team building event!

    Team Building in Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge has more going for it as well, making it even tougher to compete there. First, it’s the capital of one of the most interesting states in the country. That means it’s the center of a great deal of commercial and cultural activity. Second, Baton Rouge has a rich and textured history. It also has attractions that appeal to adults and children alike.

    Baton Rouge attractions range from the Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin’ Water Park to the LSU Rural Life Museum and other great spots in between. With all this and more happening every day, Baton Rouge is a destination for great companies and the top new recruits.

    That means two important things for your Baton Rouge company. First, there’s a lot of competition to beat out. Second, you’ll need a positive workplace culture to get and keep these top new recruits. And for either of these things to happen, your staff will have to develop great teamwork skills. Otherwise, you’ll stay in the middle of the Baton Rouge pack and end up with a lot of employee turnover.

    It’s easy to see why great teamwork skills are required to win out over the competition. Every company has dedicated and talented people these days. They also have access to more or less equal resources. Most telling of all, most of today’s Baton Rouge companies have to operate on very tight budgets. The results of all this are pretty clear. Your company must get the most out of the people it has without burning them out. That’s why maximum teamwork is an absolute requirement.

    It might not be quite as obvious why teamwork helps with a positive work culture, but it’s easy to see when you think about it. A positive workplace culture means people are happy and energized when they come to work. Needless to say, this requires great communication and teamwork.  And when your staff is happy and energized, everybody wins. Your staff is more content, management has an easier time, and you end up with a healthier bottom line.

    Team Building Baton Rouge Style Means Results That Travel Well

    Now let’s have a look at how our Baton Rouge team building sharpens your competitive edge and keeps up morale. It’s impossible to enumerate all the ways we can help, but it starts with advanced skill building in your exact areas of need. We’ll find out what these areas of need are and customize a workshop that addresses them directly.

    You need more than teamwork instruction that’s forgotten as soon as the workshop’s over. If you’re going to succeed in Baton Rouge, you need skills that last and continue to increase over time. Magnovo satisfies these needs and then some. We satisfy them with teamwork instruction that goes back to the office and continues to grow.

    Regardless of the workshop, we teach things like job ownership, acceptance of roles, and nuanced communication. We can also help with overall team development, problem-solving, and interpersonal relationships. These are the fundamental skills of every great team and they apply across the board. They apply no matter what industry you work in and will help you climb to the top of the heap. These skills will also help you stay on top once you get there.

    Forge a Path To a Brighter Future

    To sum up, Magnovo’s team building workshops integrate the best that Baton Rouge has to offer to create the perfect workshop for you. Our workshops are designed according to your specs and arise from the business climate of Baton Rouge naturally. Most importantly of all, our team building workshops get tangible results.

    Magnovo offers a tremendous variety of activities for corporate events. That means we can stage just the workshop that your company needs to build a better tomorrow. With everything from charity team building to advanced management seminars, we’ll brighten your future in ways you never thought possible.

    Some of our favorite venues for Baton Rouge team building

    These hotels have the necessary meeting space square footage, amenities, and warm, welcoming staff.
    Baton Rouge Team Building | Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel

    Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel
    7000 Bluebonnet Boulevard | Baton Rouge, LA 70810 | (225) 215-7000 | Bing Map

    Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center
    201 Lafayette Street | Baton Rouge, LA 70801 | (225) 344-5866 | Bing Map

    Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge Downtown
    200 Convention Street | Baton Rouge, LA 70801 | (225) 343-1515 | Bing Map

    Radisson Hotel Baton Rouge
    2445 South Acadian Thruway | Baton Rouge, LA 70808 | (225) 236-4000 | Bing Map

    DoubleTree by Hilton Baton Rouge
    4964 Constitution Avenue | Baton Rouge, LA 70808 | (225) 925-1005 | Bing Map

    Some fun ideas for Baton Rouge team building downtown or in the surrounding area

    Charity Team Building Events can customize any of these Baton Rouge team building workshops to engage your entire team at your next meeting. Team building activities with a purpose!

    Here’s What Our Past Clients Say:


    Our facilitator was so energetic and really connected with my group well. They had such positive things to say after the event. The group had been through a longer, slower morning and this activity was absolutely perfect to re-energize them!


    It was great to talk about our group dynamics and what we would like to achieve with the facilitator beforehand, so they were able to tailor the team building activities to our specific needs.

    T.Y.Verizon Wireless

    Thank you for being so flexible and working with us. This was a great workshop and really promoted teamwork. It was an excellent exercise and I will definitely recommend this to other team members in the future! Our facilitator was great!

    G.K.Wells Fargo

    Our facilitator was able to engage with the group and encourage interaction within teams. It was a great balance of bringing up team building points and having fun and interacting with different coworkers.


    Here are a few of our Signature Custom Events


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