Improve Your Company Dynamic with San Jose Team Building

No matter what industry you work in, your San Jose company needs more than individual talent to succeed in today’s globalized market. Yes, you should always be on the lookout for gifted, well-trained, and dedicated people, but getting them to work as a team is just as vital as high-end talent. This is especially true in the always evolving San Jose market, where every company is staffed with brilliant people.

With talent being more or less equal, your company’s interpersonal dynamic can make or break you in the center of Silicon Valley. That’s where Magnovo can help– by teaching the communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills that don’t always come naturally.

Some fun ideas for San Jose team building downtown or in the surrounding area

Charity Team Building Events can customize any of these San Jose team building workshops to engage your entire team at your next meeting. Team building activities with a purpose!

Past Customers:


Our facilitator was so energetic and really connected with my group well. They had such positive things to say after the event. The group had been through a longer, slower morning and this activity was absolutely perfect to re-energize them!


It was great to talk about our group dynamics and what we would like to achieve with the facilitator beforehand, so they were able to tailor the team building activities to our specific needs.

T.Y.Verizon Wireless

Thank you for being so flexible and working with us. This was a great workshop and really promoted teamwork. It was an excellent exercise and I will definitely recommend this to other team members in the future! Our facilitator was great!

G.K.Wells Fargo

Our facilitator was able to engage with the group and encourage interaction within teams. It was a great balance of bringing up team building points and having fun and interacting with different coworkers.


Here are a few of our Signature Custom Events

San Jose Team Building In San Jose | SkylineAt the heart of Silicon Valley, there’s a reason why San Jose is THE home for tech giants – Apple, Hewlett-Packard, eBay, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Symantec, the list goes on and on.

San Jose and Silicon Valley are home to many other startups trying to find their fortune as well, as these companies know that the best and brightest minds find their way to the area with the most innovative companies.

Add in the availability of San Jose International Airport (SJC), and the relative proximity of the Oakland International Airport and San Francisco International Airport, and you have a variety of transportation options with all of the major airlines for your team building event!

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San Jose Team Building that Lives Up to an Innovative City’s Standards

With cutting-edge companies like Adobe, PayPal, and Kaiser Permanente headquartered there, it’s easy to see that constant innovation is something you can’t do without in San Jose. And while many people think of innovative products and techniques as the work of only a few people, a little reflection reveals that new ideas always require a team. It’s just common sense that two heads are better than one, but when you apply that on a grand scale, the true value of teamwork fully emerges.

The tech industry usually springs to mind when you think of innovation in the San Jose workforce, but this isn’t the only sector where employees have to be on the same page. Effective teamwork is required across the whole spectrum of industries in every major city. And nowhere is this truer than in the San Jose market, where you’re up against the best competition in the world on a daily basis.

Teamwork is also required for developing and maintaining a positive work culture. While this is a term you hear bandied about a lot these days, not everyone who talks about it actually knows what it is or how to improve on it. Fortunately, our team building workshops are designed and staged by people who understand the concept of work culture very well and know how to apply it in ways that benefit your company.

How Magnovo’s Team Building Ideas Improve Your Company Dynamic

You can already see that a positive work culture is necessary to your success, but how can Magnovo help you improve upon it? There are many factors involved in your workplace culture– everything from management style and equipment to the physical office environment. But although these things are very important, the ways in which your people interact with one another is paramount among all these factors.

Here’s what our team building can do to improve your company dynamic. Our workshops are designed to foster productive working relationships. They present your group with challenges that can only be met with precision and teamwork. Once your staff begins to see how dependent they are on one another for their indivual and group success, they’ll naturally replicate the skills they learn with Magnovo long after they return to the office. The results are immediate and obvious– a happier workforce that understands both the value of innovation and  the crucial role that teamwork plays in it.

Some of our favorite venues for San Jose team building

These hotels have the necessary meeting space square footage, amenities, and warm, welcoming staff.
San Jose Team Building In San Jose | Fairmont San Jose
Fairmont San Jose
170 South Market Street | San Jose, CA 95113 | (408) 998-1900 | Bing Map

Biltmore Hotel & Suites Santa Clara
2151 Laurelwood Road | Santa Clara, CA 95054 | (408) 988-8411 | Bing Map

Crowne Plaza Foster City
1221 Chess Dr | Foster City, CA 94404 | (650) 570-5700 | Bing Map

The Sainte Claire Hotel
302 South Market Street | San Jose, CA 95113 | (408) 295-2000 | Bing Map

Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Avenue | San Jose, CA 95136 | (408) 226-3200 | Bing Map

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