Team Fusion™

Team Fusion™

A System. A Method. A Blueprint.

Corporate training and team development can often be difficult concepts to wrap your head around. You know what it means in theory, sort of, but what does it actually look like in a workshop?

Team Fusion™ was designed for clients searching out coaching around systems or methods that they can plug into their corporate culture…a blueprint that lasts long after the session is over. Compared with our other corporate team building workshops, Team Fusion is more about building team skills in a classroom environment.

Each workshop is designed for what’s going on with your team right now.

Teams still go through some action-based components designed to anchor the teachings. Let’s face it – facilitators don’t enjoy being talking heads in front of the room for hours on end – and your team certainly doesn’t want to sit through it!

Let’s unpack how this can be done. Businesses have shown us that a fine balance exists between traditional classroom learning and learning through experience. Our professional facilitators will select powerful interactive models and modules to enhance individual and team performance. The tools in their toolbox include:

  • 360 FeedbackTeam Fusion
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Self Directed Work Teams
  • Understanding Personality Styles
  • Leadership and Situational Leadership
  • Results, Process & People

Your Team Fusion™ session will surface more insights and information than traditional classroom training. Applicable metaphors make the workshop meaningful to participants and relationships are quantum leaped. Your team will have an immediate awareness and understanding of their internal issues and the cumulative impact that has on one another and your business.

Much more than just a feel-good session.

Team Fusion TeamworkEveryone has experienced a workshop where they walked away feeling incredibly energized and revitalized…only to have that feeling slowly disappear in time and return to business as usual. It’s important for your team to put their insights and ideas into action. Your workshop wrap-up bridges the gap between the dynamics of the group and the goals it needs to achieve for success.

Identify the behaviors, strategies and changes that need to take place for growth. Your blueprint.

Qualitatively your team will function better. Quantitatively productivity will be enhanced and processes will be more efficient.

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